Sunday, December 25, 2011

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu [ ep 9]

 Sorry if I'm a bit insensitive, but when Mako was afraid to find out whether she was pregnant or not, and snatched the pregnancy kit from Saki's hands, I just find that scene very funny. Especially from the stunned look on Saki's face! I totally get Mako's reaction, being pregnant when you don't want it is definitely something most women fear the most in their life. Her question on why only women get pregnant was hilarious too. I was half expecting Saki to say "it's the order of life, no questions asked" but I'm not going to deny the fact that the question did come across my mind numerous times lolz. The question may sound idiotic on Mako's behalf, but really, sometimes you can't help but wonder why is it like this? 


Anyways, then it turned out that Mako was just scaring herself and did anyone find her dizziness a bit of a coincidence? If you're not pregnant, then I'd suggest you go for a body checkup because being dizzy for a prolonged time is definitely not healthy. But so, Yay! for her not being pregnant. She can now focus on work. I really don't mind her new boss at the diner, seemed insensitive but much better than all the douchebags she'd dated before. Though, I'm totally surprised by the fact that he's a father! The writers have a way to screw things up every now and then.

Good to have an older member in the club xD

 And Emi! I feel so pity for her~ She'd finally found the courage to tell Yu the truth, and followed her instincts and guts, but the ex-girlfriend had to mess it up. Girl, your time is up. You should just stay aside and move on with your petty life with the candidate your father chose. For someone like her to dump Yu and then come back begging to crawl back into his life, what the hell? I'd really hate it if Yu allows that to happen. I'm not siding by Emi, even if Yu doesn't end up with Emi, I'm fine with it. I just don't like it that the ex-girlfriend thinks she can just WALTZ IN and OUT of people's lives without thinking of the consequences she's causing!

Takei appeared too!

Saki deserved some applaud and pat on her shoulder. It's great to see her going for interviews again, not giving up on her dream job. And she actually scolded Shiraishi not only for herself, but on Misuzu's behalf. Saki's to blame too but if the guy doesn't even know what to do at this point, he deserves a scolding. Saki also finally mustered up enough courage to call Misuzu out to meet. I hope they'll reach an understanding regarding the mess.  



Am I the only one super excited to see Namie Amuro appear briefly in this episode? I never expected her to show up, but the moment I saw her name on the whiteboard backstage "Namie Amuro Life Style Tour 2011" got me hyped for a second. I know it shouldn't come as a surprise since they're working for a lighting company and Namie sang the theme songs for the show, but to see her appear for like 30seconds was an awesome surprise! The only downside of it was the lip-syncing. She wasn't singing live, but then again, it was for the show, not a real concert. xDD

Rating: 9/10 - Namie's appearance is a huge plus for the episode xDD 

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