Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mitsu no Aji [ep 11 Finale]

Things seemed to kinda cool down after both Masato and Naoko quit on their own following the scandal being reported vigorously by the Weekly Magazine. Their faces, well, anyone close to them would know straightaway because covering only their eyes didn't make much difference. Funny thing was, I felt like their relationship hasn't even exactly come that point, but the media had already blown it out of proportion thanks to psycho ex-boyfriend. It was as if AFTER the media made a huge fuss over it that Masato confessed his feelings towards Naoko. Righttt.....

Anyways, since they left the hospital, things kinda quiet down a bit, at least, no more quarrels with anybody and Aya had a breakdown. When I saw her collapsed onto the floor, I only had one question in mind "Do you believe in karma?" because it seemed like it is starting to haunt her. Though from her medical records nothing seemed to be wrong with her. During that period of time, it was good to see her finally coming to her senses, the brief chat with her co-worker over how she should've let it go earlier rather than suffering for so long. And at one moment, I actually pity her. 

And while I thought the day would never come for me to feel the same for this couple, I actually did in this episode. Watching them leaving the city, being pushed to their limits when Masato couldn't find a decent daytime job as a legit doctor in the hospital and Naoko having to work at some wet fish market. That was a huge transition and I hate all the prejudice being thrown at them. I'd be disgusted too but I don't see why it should involve their career. Whatever happens to the saying "Never mix business with personal life?" Besides, Masato is a good surgeon and Naoko too, they could save lives! Well for me, their personal life has nothing to do with what they can contribute to the society.

Also, I really was hoping Naoko or Masato to yell at the obasan who didn't let them stay at the apartment something like "I have the right to rent the place and I can let anybody come stay with me. It's not like the other person's a gangster or drug addict." *I think the society is still very close-minded* Not saying I agree to this uncle-niece complex, I just think they deserve at the very least, a place to stay.

Who else thinks the writers were just trying to let Aya's character do something heroic for once before the show ended by helping Naoko's mother? But I was half cheering for Aya when she showed up and offered assistance when no one else would. And not forgetting the lecture she gave both Masato and Naoko who listened quietly like defeated children. The warning she gave Norisugi was excellent too! She's making a comeback, not as evil Aya but resolved Aya. So glad she finally accepted the fact that she will never get Masato back. Actually, I thought she deserves someone much better than Masato. 

Well, the finale was pretty much the way how everyone predicted I guess. Norisugi left the hospital and will work at his parent's place, turned over a new leaf, much thanks to Aya and LMAO at Kirishima's supposed PROPOSAL to Aya! That was random and out of nowhere! Aya's back to her old self and probably the kind that suits her the most, research on top of everything else. The only thing I didn't foresee was the part where Masato and Naoko was at some war-stricken country serving as doctors. They probably worked as Doctors without Borders etc...I just felt like they were a bit irresponsible leaving everything/everybody behind. It's true that nobody supports their decision but what about Naoko's parents? Even if they don't accept you as their child anymore, they're still your parents. And having sacrificed so much for her studies and everything, she could just dump them and say "As long as I have Masato, I don't wish for anything else". What a whitewash. 

Overall thoughts:
Tough one to swallow because of the complex relationship which kinda disgusts me every now and then. Acting performance wise - Kanno Miho wins hands down as the research obsessed doctor turned evil then good Aya. Her transition and character development stood out the most out of all the characters. Not even both Masato and Naoko, which pretty much stayed rather static throughout could overcome Aya. I think that pretty much had to do with how the characters are meant to be by the writers but still acting-wise, Kanno Miho truly shined. When she was evil, it was so convincing that at one point, you hate her character but also at the same time, amazed by how real it was. She can really bring the character to life, even if it was a bit psychotic at one time, which made it even more realistic. So she made the other two main characters totally pale in comparison. There was really nothing much for Eikura Nana to do here, sadly even though she was supposed to be the lead female. ARATA was decent throughout. 

Overall Rating: 6.5 /10 - pretty much saved by Kanno Miho making it more tolerable

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