Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nankyoku Tairiku [ep 5]

The episode focused on the mission for Botnutten, said to be the highest peak in Antartica. Kuramochi was determined to relive his father's dream but facing huge disagreement from Himuro. I like the love-hate relationship both of these men had. Himuro clearly still cared a lot for Kuramochi despite the fact that he blamed him for making rash decision years ago causing them to lose a friend. 

But the moment Himuro agreed to join them (still not backing down by saying he was going as an inspector), I was like "C'mon...just say it. You still love mountain climbing, don't ya?".


A journey of 200km away from their station was more than enough to test their endurance and spirit. On the way, they lost a dog, which miraculously came back again after days (I find that a bit hard to swallow but who knows). The whale carcass which they later used as shelter was a unique addition in the episode making me think, Antartica is a place full of surprises.


Upon succeeding in reaching the mountain despite losing a bit of the way, both Himuro and Kuramochi began their journey up to the peak. It was great to see them finally realizing their dream, something deemed impossible by many. But later, an accident on their way back caused one of Himuro's leg broken, just like what happened years ago. Are we having some kind of deja vu now?


With nothing left to lose, Kuramochi placed his last hope on the dogs. He let three of them lose and hoped at least one of them will somehow reach the guys at the station. The letter to Miyuki by Kuromochi was rather touching too. To think that he asked her to find someone good and be happy if asap if anything were to happen to him. I'm not sure about Kuromochi but Miyuki definitely has something for him, more than just a mere brother-in-law if you ask me. I'm interested to see whether they'll end up or not later, but Himuro seemed to like her too xDD


Not gonna lie but I did hit the forward button couple of times watching this show. Maybe I'm impatient? I had great expectations from this show, love the dogs and it did give you a rather epic feeling, but that's not enough to make me stay attracted. I have put this on hold for weeks. Now that's ended, I should finish it because I hate leaving shows unfinished. As much as I hate to admit, I still shed tears watching this lol. It can really move people. There's just something missing for me to fully appreciate the show.

Rating: 7/10

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