Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Strawberry Night [ep 2-3]

The second case went on for two episodes. Initially, I thought the case should’ve been solved rather quickly without much delay, judging by the fact that the culprit is pretty easy to guess. However, that aside, upon watching the final interrogation and how everything unfolds, I don’t mind the length in the end.
As Reiko’s team reaches a dead end, interrogating the wrong person and causes everybody back to square one, Gantetsu uses the opportunity to take the praise by snooping around the yakuzas, trying to lure out the culprit. In the process, one of his men got killed, which I really sympathize. Although the death is unnecessary and a bit rushed, it did manage to make Gantetsu look real bad and ugly for he is out there catching the culprit, instead of attending the guy’s funeral. Sometimes, I really do despise him for his actions and how I wish someone could’ve slapped him. But I knew the writers would justify his actions – he did give the guy’s wife the funeral $ and even bought a small toy for the kid.

Gantetsu using various techniques to get his way and how does he even get away with violence?!
Another must-watch scene is the interrogation Reiko gives to the high school girl. Now that is intense and it’s only time before she explodes. And the title of the episode makes sense too xD But seriously, who wouldn’t when the girl acts like the deaths of four human beings are no different from the deaths of ants? But sometimes, I find myself still getting used to Reiko’s voice whenever she raised them. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me lol. And Kikuta! I like the way he’s so focused on Reiko, the way he looks or rather, stares at her, watching her every move, with expressionless face lol. And especially when Reiko needs him, just a yell of his name, and he’s there, without fail. A great partner he is. And looks like Hayama’s making a progress for himself despite being a newbie in the team. But I’m still curious of the flashbacks he’s been having. What exactly happened in the past?
So far, I’m really enjoying the show. In fact, I like this better than Zettai Reido 2, if I were to choose. 

Rating: 8/10

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