Monday, February 13, 2012

Hungry! [ep 4]

Wanna know how it feels like to be in a slump? Well, first you gotta chase after your dream which your closest ones were against, then you realized it’s not going anywhere because let’s face it, how many people in this world can declare that they’ve achieved their dream career or life? As if that’s not enough, you fall back onto what you’re actually good at, probably your second choice, and yet, it’s not easy to start anew. You’ve got rivals in every corner and customers don’t just spend their precious money on something uncertain. Then, you found that your partner actually prefers the old you, who was more carefree when you thought that she/he would want you to have a more stable job. Such is the slump Eisuke finds himself in.

It’s no brainer that his restaurant wouldn’t do well with his unrefined skills and former band members who’ve never entered the kitchen before. Money don’t just fall from the sky and I really feel pity for Eisuke in this episode. He has been working really hard from early morning till after midnight for the restaurant, and yet, his girlfriend doesn’t seem to appreciate his hard work! Instead of supporting him, she actually has the guts to complain that they haven’t been dating much. As a girlfriend, you should at least understand the situation he is in, imho. Who is he doing all these for anyway? It was really sad when Eisuke thought that she’d like him to be in a more stable career rather than an indie band trying to make it to the scene, only to find out the opposite. The girlfriend’s character is very poorly written. I don’t get her at all. Eisuke even has to take part-time job at the construction site just to put less burden on everybody’s shoulder, and most probably to keep the restaurant surviving.


And the part where his ex-member, Kenta is dissatisfied with the first month low salary, I grew impatient. What do they expect to earn from the poorly run restaurant? Were they happily idling in their own little bubbly worlds that they couldn’t recall that in the first 2 weeks, they didn’t even get a single customer? Plus with the rent and food costs, you should be happy that you get at least something. I was initially thinking they won’t even be able to get a single penny. I think it’s unfair for Eisuke to take all the blame. True, he did ask them to work with him, with no plans whatsoever, but at least, he’d worked his ass off. And really? Buying an engagement ring with your first month salary? If you’re working for some huge company and with a steady high post job, then by all means, go ahead. But to think you’d be able to get a crystal ring with a restaurant like this? How na├»ve can one get?

Can't stand Taku wearing leopard printed shirt! my gosh...
And then it takes someone like Chie to tell him some words of encouragement. “I’m glad you quit the band and opened the restaurant”. I’m sure it means a lot for Eisuke to know someone actually appreciates his effort all the while, although I don’t think Chie means it that way. The girl’s just addicted to his food that she’d do anything just so he continues cooking lolz. It didn’t take long for the rest to make up with him too, after finding out that he works part-time. And a glimpse of the rival’s childhood when he tasted Eisuke’s food. What was it that brings him back to the childhood? Same taste of the onigiri handed by someone kind to him when he was little?

Rating: 8/10
Maybe Eisuke needs someone like Chie, who appreciates food like he does xD

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