Sunday, December 25, 2011

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu [ep 8]

Surprise surprise, the one character I didn't care for in the past 8 episodes, had somehow become the most mature of the lot? Mako had finally begun to take baby steps towards independence and not think about love after she quit her job. Okay, not baby steps, rather a huge leap from what I thought she'd be able to do. In fact, she has become a much better person, compared to the other two. Kudos to her for getting back up from the fall and realized something more important. 


As for Saki, I feel sorry for her only for the part where her family found out her real part-time job. At least, she still cared a lot for the family. Can't blame her much if all the companies she'd gone for didn't want her right? However, I've begun to think her actions on the love department was a bit irresponsible. Now that her secret's out, she should at least meet up with Misuzu and apologize, or at least, say something about it to her, instead of avoiding. Takumi was also another person who should step it up. If you want a divorce, then ASK for a divorce. Not camping out in your office and act like nothing's happened. It's not fair for both sides.


So Yu's planning on going back to America to focus on his career. Yes, run all the way back there when you fail miserably in love. I do support the idea that if you can't succeed in love, you'll have your career to fall back on during bad times. Mako decided to venture into cooking (her favorite past-time) when relationships don't work for her. The same goes for Emi. She'd been scouted by another more successful lighting company and wondering if she should go for it. I say, GO FOR IT! You'll never know what will happen until you do! Besides, if Yu and you (no pun intended) are meant to be together, you'll surely meet again.

What a letdown when Yu asked her to go with her to US instead by the end of the epi. Now Emi is going to be torn between both sides. Stay or go?


 Character development is there, obviously when Mako transitioned from a someone looking seriously for love, learned the hard way that sometimes, love is not everything and picked herself up again. (Except when her mistakes in the past begins to plague her - pregnancy? Seriously, don't even get me started on this. Have they not heard of preventive measures before?)

Saki too from someone who never thought she'll find love, found one but getting involved with a married guy. As if that's not enough, the guy's indecisiveness is beginning to bring down that relationship. 

Emi, what can I say about her? Forever attached to Yu, even though she acted tough around him. She's the only character I'd say that hasn't quite evolved much. She's practically just being the same person as before after a falling out with a great candidate, Takei. But you have to go and waste him. Emi should seriously THINK PROPERLY what she wants in her life and not lingering around Yu too much! If you like him, then SAY IT.

Rating: 7.5/10 - I want the original soundtrack now lol

Take home advice - Sometimes it's good not to worry about love (so trueee...)


As usual, PIC SPAM.


This guy below...

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