Saturday, February 11, 2012

Strawberry Night [ep 4-5]

Wow, I can’t even begin with how frustrating I was in the entire 3rd case. Can’t they even think of anything much better than this strong sense of value/justice case gone wrong? It was so draggy and in the end, I didn’t even recall getting anything much from it. All I got was “Murder can’t be replaced by another death” etc.

The point is, the case was so boring and yet, they had to drag it out for two episodes. A waste of time. I’m beginning to think the show’s going downhill after a spectacular Special, and first case. Not to mention, as much I like Reiko, sometimes her intuition can get a bit annoying at times. Call me evil or whatever, I just don’t think it was really worth probing into and her undying determination to save the son from being killed by his own father was a bit desperate. In the end, they didn’t even reveal the evidence of how the ex-cop killed the other three ex-convicts. The reason for the son killing the girlfriend was kinda dumb too. I get the fact that he was raised strictly by a father who believes that once you’ve done a mistake, it’s all over and all that shit, still…she’s your friggin girlfriend. It’s not like killing her just coz you have a strong sense of belief and her pleading to die, would make everything much better. What a messed up way of thinking to begin with. The writers are pushing the limits with us viewers. I just can’t accept what they’re trying to shove down to us.

Here’s hoping the next case will be better. This season, as you probably have noticed, I don’t watch much shows. Just a couple, including Seinatsu and Dirty Mama! (which I haven’t come around to post anything yet). So I just watch those that I’m really into and find worth following.

Rating: 5/10 – the justification just wasn’t strong enough and makes the writers sound really lazy. It’s as if they’re trying to just put a filler case and hoping the audience to enjoy it, but even Reiko or Kikuta can’t save the two episodes.
What a waste of a strong cast for the case. tsk tsk

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