Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kaseifu no Mita [ep 11 Final ]



before that, just a brief recap of the final episode

Are the kids really desperate for someone like Mita or they're just plain dumb? Obviously, you can't ask her to be their mother, just like that. On a whim, no less just because they couldn't survive without her delicious food and having a luxury life of someone else doing everything for them at home. I knew Mita had another plan in mind when she agreed to the unimaginable task.

As Urara was preparing for her marriage, Mita took the advantage of being a mother and made everyone's life miserable xD Totally love the Evil Mita-san.


Bad luck seemed to stick by the children when Urara wasn't around. Am I supposed to believe that the wind had flown from her to the family now? Either way, the kids were put in a huge dilemma. They were now facing the trouble they started.

The cycle seemed to repeat itself when it took ages for the kids to realize that they NEED Urara in their life, not as mother but their cheerful caring, and clumsy aunt. I appreciate Mita's efforts to make them see for themselves, having them to choose between her and Urara. But really, this only proved further that the kids need help with their brains. 


How many times Mita slapped Urara, you ask? I had to rewind that and count lolz. SEVEN TIMES. She slapped the hell out of Urara a total of SEVEN times. Way to go? Am I sensing that the final episode is for Urara to shine? Well, I do thank the writers to make a justification of her character, in fact, as clumsy as she was in the entire show, she brought something different to the show, alongside Mita.

The only irony here was everything Mita told Urara. Especially, "never forget to smile". Well, Mita...isn't it time for you to listen to your own advice?

So Urara's problem was solved. to get Mita to smile?! 


Lame attempt by the family but better than nothing lol. It didn't work of course.


except when the father made a final order for her - smile please...before you go.



Overall thoughts:
My initial reaction when I heard Nanako's coming back to act again was definitely excitement. I like her old dramas and needless to say, she's a good actress, a veteran and probably genius, as compared to the younger generation that are popping out of everywhere. Then, I realized that the show wasn't as enjoyable because of the lousy characters, except for Mita, the rest were just pale in comparison. I couldn't and didn't feel any empathy for them at all, till the end and that was really one of the major problem I had with the show. However, it has always been Mita who kept making me wonder helplessly about the ending. 

I guess this should not come as any surprise anymore. The final episode of Kaseifu made it into history when the rating was over 40%, making it the only drama, in the last 12 years to achieve over 40% viewership ratings, after Beautiful Life. It is definitely the favorite among Japanese this season. While I love to see Nanako back on screen, I still think the ratings were a bit exaggerated. Not to mention, I nearly dropped the show because of the useless characters. But who am I to decide what they love to watch right? Either way, congratulations to the Kaseifu team for making it such a successful drama this season, though I still think it's a bit overrated. But it's no miracle. There is something it offers that most Japanese like, so while other dramas find it hard to even achieve 20% rating over the years, Kaseifu proved that is still possible when it practically cruised over to the top, getting an average of 25.17%.

Well, it really depends on whether you like the theme or not. Or if you're a fan of Nanako. While I do think it's a bit of a waste not to go for a 2nd season/sequel for the show, Mita deserved to be remembered as she was. The writers were adamant that there won't be any sequel, but who knows. Nanako may be able to reprise her role, but after all things considered, I'm glad they made the decision. Kaseifu is good enough to be a stand alone show, as sequels most of the time won't do as well as the first.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 - slightly overrated but Mita definitely was worth watching

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