Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mitsu no Aji [ep 9]

This is the kind of show that needs extra endurance and patience from me. There had been a point where I thought of dropping because so many things begin to take the wrong course. Two more episodes before the end, I will finish this but that doesn't mean I enjoy it. I think it went with a pretty good start but then after episode 3-4, it began a downward spiral and I don't think it'll ever crawl back up, at least for me. 

The plot is the major problem for me. To begin with, it's hard to swallow especially with the whole uncle-niece complex going on, which at times, disgust me a lot. Stories like these will need a lot of effort to pull off, to attract viewers. The writers however, didn't seem to quite manage to do that and normally, I just can't buy it. Not to mention, there is ZERO chemistry between Masato and Naoko. And yet, the writers try to shove them down our throats, convinced that putting them together on a bed or couch, smooching each other will let us audiences believe that something hot is going on between them. Well, I'd say ARATA is a good kisser but that probably was the only saving grace to not make the whole scene as awkward as it seemed. Though I still can't help but cringe whenever they do kiss. Major awkward moment. 

The characters are pretty messed up as well. There isn't one normal person, okay, saying normal would be stretching it. What I wanted to say here is that, most of the characters are all extreme! Take Aya for example and then Norisugi, both of whom are strong jealous type to the extent of doing anything to take revenge for love. I don't even know where to begin with Norisugi really. I understand where he came from, having been betrayed for 8 years and all. But the guy turned 180 degrees from a nice typical boyfriend to an almost psychotic ex-boyfriend in one night! He's worst than Aya, at least Aya has the brains and think thoroughly before executing, and she won't compromise the patients for revenge. Norisugi is the kind that needs medical attention right away.


As for Masato and Naoko, they may be the victims here, but I don't feel any sympathy for them. Sometimes, you root for the couple with forbidden love in dramas/movies, but they're the kinds I find hard to support. Thing is, they should've just avoided each other. Masato should have never returned from the US or at least, he should find job in another hospital, a normal person would want to avoid any rumors right? And I find it odd that Naoko still works at the same place as Aya! After all the feud happening between them, you'd have thought she'd leave and work elsewhere.If both Masato and Naoko wished to be together whatever it takes, they should just leave to a place where no one knows them and start anew.

The end of episode 9 reminds me of something that happened in Last Friends xD Crazy ex-boyfriend tried to get back with girlfriend, except here, the uncle managed to storm in and be the hero.I still prefer LF over this, and that was a tough one to watch.

Rating: 6/10

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