Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hunter [ ep10 Final]

This was one of the first dramas I watched this season. And now after 10 episodes, it has come to an end. Was rather taken aback that it's only 10 and not 11 episodes, but oh well, it was a fun watch. The episode continued from the previous when Akane was framed. It then turned out that the police was protecting the real criminal and though going against them seemed fruitless, Gondo pretended to be on the police's side to dig more information. 


I didn't expect someone to die in the final episode, and to have Sensei pass away after being shot by the corrupted policeman, was a loss to be remembered. Though he didn't exactly play a huge role but he had been a prominent character and regular customer of the shop. His death probably was to show that this is really life threatening situation and not always bright and beautiful for the ladies.

Gondo ended up saving Akane and hiding her while the ladies began to step up their defense. Having lost Sensei to the case, I could only hope they went all out against the police. They found out the real criminal when Rei recalled his face while on the plane in her previous trip, and getting enough information they needed, they asked help from the local reporters. 

I thought the whole Kasumi-bicycle issue was funny! To think she was dragged into it just because she was cycling on the pathways, not designated for cycling and then having her video put on the net was hilarious. Other than Rei, she really was the one of a kind in this show. But when they found that the news station was an ally of the police, the Youtube-ish incident gave them an idea.


They began creating their own webpage since a lot of people were interested in the incident. Then, they put up a video of Akane defending herself. YES, take advantage of the NET WORLD because it really can move the world.

Kasumi getting raged on the reporters for the defamation of her character LOL

The case finally ended when their videos grabbed huge attention and beyond the police's control. When the police couldn't protect the real criminal anymore, they finally gave up and arrested him. Akane's reputation was cleared. The ladies returned to their everyday life, while Rei went back to the city, thinking she could finally calm down from all the chaos. 

That was, until the gang showed up with all the food she hated and KAMPAI!


Overall thought:
This show was one of those I watched without really expecting much. However, here I am, still posting about the final episode. It is a light-hearted drama, a bit of detective work with humorous situations to keep me entertained. I like it because these ladies are all amateurs, of course, there'd be scenes where you think that wouldn't have happened in real life cases, but let's not get too serious about it, shall we? I don't mind if there's a 2nd season of this, because there's a high chance of me watching it.

Overall rating: 8.0/10

I can't help but think this is some kind of deliberate display of bright colours.


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