Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kaseifu no Mita [ep 10 ]

Things are getting interesting, at least now that it's near the end. Mita began having hallucinations of her husband and son around the house every now and then. She often went absent-minded while doing chores, which is very very rare.


We then find out why she wears the 'unfeminine' clothes. The bag and hat she used was the same as her husband's, the watch was her son's. The revelation were just some of the more captivating moments in the episode. I really like it when Mita begins losing herself. Anything for more facial expression from her lol.


Meanwhile, Urara attended some marriage meetings and I'd say this was really one of those rare moments she didn't make a fool out of herself. Everything went as planned for her. Yes, it did went as what she wanted - letting the other side know her real character. And no stumblings here and there, plates crashing or any carelessness from her during the meeting. In fact, it was rather smooth.

Even the coaster helped her!

Her confession was perfect too lol.

The ending scene was rather heart-breaking as we see her going to the amusement park, ordered family set and sat there, for the first time, we get to see her husband and son too! Then, she asked them to please take her to where they are.


Things got back to reality when the kids found her there. Heard everything and insisted that they will not leave her alone. I think the point where it touched everybody was when they started chomping down the food, that was real sad.


But nothing beats this. Mita CRIED. Not the smile we wanted or wished for but at least, she was beginning to show her true emotion, rather than keeping it all inside, acting tough. This is how the show should be. No draggy scenes. Needless to say, this is the first time I actually felt touched.But i disagree that she becomes the kids' mother! a huge NO NO! She can just stay as their housekeeper, but why must she be their mother? She deserves her own life.

Rating: 9/10

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