Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hunter [ ep 9]


Christmas anyone?

The episode focused on rescuing Akane from being framed by the police. She was put on the Wanted List and you could probably just imagine the look on Rei's face when she saw her own sister was one of the Wanted suspects. Akane was suspected of murder and her daughter asked the Bounty Hunters to help search for her.

I'd say the Santa Claus disguise was pretty generic but nonetheless, brilliant? They made use of the festive season and help from the regular customers, as they venture at the streets, passing out flyers while Rei disappeared into one of the alleys, sneaked into the school compound to find Akane. 

Am I the only one liking the conversation between Akane and her daughter the moment she returned? Despite her age, Haru seemed mature and from the way Akane talked to her, you'd instantly know that Akane had never seen her as merely a kid. I really like the adult-like relationship they both had.

So with Akane finally found, the ladies had probably their toughest and most dangerous job ever since their Bounty Hunter side job began. The real criminal remained in the dark and after an attempt to warn them by kidnapping Haru, things began to escalate.

So Akane appeared for the last two episodes. At least her character wasn't underused by the writers. Also, she wasn't as irresponsible as they made her out to be throughout the show, especially when Rei claimed that she was always cleaning up after her. Apparently, Akane loved her more than anybody else, after all, because the killer was after Rei (who was known to recognize faces), Akane deliberately borrowed a huge sum of $ from the loanshark to trigger an alarm. Rei will have no choice but to come to her place. And so, everything was pretty much explained. Everything happened for a reason.

So, let's see how they solve this case in the final. 

Rating:  8.5/10

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