Saturday, December 24, 2011

Himitsu Chouhouin Erika [ ep 11]

Another episode before this ends. Erika goes against sexual harassment this time. A client comes in asking for help after suffering from a member of a sports gym who takes advantage of her all the time. Erika as usual, can't refrain herself from lending a hand having heard her story.


Disguising as a new sports trainer this time, she infiltrates the gym and tries to trap the guy, however to their despair, he seems too smart to bite the bait. And after finding out that Totsuka may have some connection with the guy, Erika's suspicion goes to the maximum as she seeks for more information from Inukai-san. She then follows the guy to the same place where they believe important information is passed on in and out.

The case was easy and it's really no huge hurdle for Erika to bring the guys down. Of course, with occasional techy help from the techie, Junpei, they do make a good team lolz. One thing you shouldn't miss in this episode was definitely the part where Junpei acted as a drunkard. He makes a bad drunk but it was real funny.

Things get more complicated too when Erika's husband begins to think she's hiding something from him, even an attempt to tail her, which of course failed miserably. Let's face it, Erika can't keep her past from him forever, if she's going to continue doing investigative jobs like these for long, she should just tell him everything. Although, knowing your wife had once killed probably tonnes of people before isn't going to make you look at her the same way again, truth is still the best way.


Totsuka grew more and more suspicious by the minute in this episode. Well, no matter how the writers make him look like the bad guy, they should try harder coz Totsuka has never strike me as someone who is capable of any bad deeds at all lol. He was obviously framed and now it's left to Erika to clean his name.

The finale is coming and it looks pretty good. We get to see Erika and Totsuka head to head. Though this is not a full length drama and there's not much development going on with the side characters, I still find myself catching every episode and now, before I knew it, it's almost the end already. I think because of its shorter time frame, it doesn't get draggy and everything's just faster paced.

Rating: 7/10

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