Friday, November 11, 2011

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de [ep 3]

This case is too predictable. Not even halfway through the show, I knew the culprit has to be one of the women the congressman was dating. I just can't pin point who but it's still quite fun especially watching Namiki's antics. They never bore me, no matter how dumb and pointless they are. And they're definitely pointless, mind you.

I knew from the beginning that I shouldn't take this show seriously because it's totally unrealistic. We have two detectives here, who don't actually do any case solving, especially Namiki goshh...what an airhead, but that's also the sole reason he's loveable xD As for Reiko, she's starting to rely too much on her butler to solve the cases. I think the government should just hire him instead of wasting salary on two people that can't solve anything.
So Sakurai Sho likes short female superheros! 

But who knew that the addition of the life-size cutout of the short superhero can contribute so much to the case. And the secret shoes! Some men really care that much about their height huh? Platform shoes hehe...classic.
And this is a generous tip for the guys who have multiple girl dates, never ever call the girls' name when you aren't sure or forget coz there's just too many to remember. Use "you" instead of a specific name. Well, may your cheating works lol...though highly not recommended or the next victim for crime of passion may be you xD

Rating: 7/10

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