Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kaseifu no Mita [ep 5]

I haven't been paying much attention to the previous episodes of Kaseifu because of all the dramatic events that took place. I'm all for drama, the more depressing, the better, but family fights like these somehow don't interest me. Maybe because they involve mostly kids and a useless adult. 

I still hate the fact that the father portrayed in this drama hasn't developed much, his character is definitely one of the weakest father in recent shows that I've seen. The actor's doing really good job being that lousy dad though. The episode focuses on the oldest son of the household, Kakeru, finding himself getting easily irritated ever since their father leaves the house. Four kids and a housewife. Anymore drama, lads?

Big son is sponsored by Nike ^^

Father can't reply or understand why he can't seem to love the kids, even after all these years. Father-in-law tries to kick him out of the family registry by offering the kids up for adoption. But useless daddy can't bring himself to sign the papers. IF he has signed the papers, which for one second, I really thought he would, then hands down, the award for the WORST father goes to him for the season.

But he didn't and runs away like a coward. But thank god for that. Because really, the show can't go on without him right?
The family's still as dysfunctional as ever even after the father leaves. So at first, the kids don't want their father anymore (except for Kii because she's too little to understand anything), then things get worse after he gets kicked out of his own house. I really don't know what's up with this family. Dumbfounded. It's like nothing's ever going to be resolved.
Eldest of the lot is too busy dating her senpai

The same with the father. He's still trying to get back to his ex-mistress only to find out that she's dating his colleague who takes over his position. Seriously, what is the matter with this family?! Somebody please give them all a WAKE UP CALL! It came quite late but at least, he actually apologized sincerely when the police is about to arrest Kakeru.



Mita is the star of the show, even if all she does is obeying orders, as ridiculous as they sound. I'm impressed by Nanako's performance. I can't help but wonder how many NGs do they need for the scenes whenever she cracks a slight smile or just can't help but show some expression, instead of the usual cold one as required? Must be really funny! 

I seriously think she's trying REAL HARD not to give any kind of impression here HAHA

Smoking by minors hinders growth and makes them dumb,and just produces weak people when they grow up even though they never mature - Mita (as expected in a national family drama sighh)

Mita's real identity still remains a complete mystery but we now know that she goes to the park alone, orders meals for two but never eats them. And she had a son, who died. Could that be why she doesn't smile anymore and lives her life like a robot? Well, whoever she is, I think the writers shall give us a satisfying answer by the end of the show.

 Rating: 8.5/10

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