Friday, November 11, 2011

Chihayafuru [ep 6]

After having met with Arata to learn that he quit playing Karuta, Chihaya hasn't given up hope. Back in school, she's on a mission. A mission Taichi is dragged along into. That is to create a Karuta Club, but there's a catch. They need a total of 5 people in order to officially open one and assigned with a supervising teacher.

In the midst of all that, there's one particular student, Oe-san who is obsessed with traditional clothes, as revealed later it is influenced by her parents who own a kimono shop. From her friends, we know that she likes to read old books causing her to be teased as someone born in the wrong era. Oe-san then stumbles into the karuta advert Chihaya puts on the school noticeboard, thinking she has finally found something that suits her, but to her despair and shock, Chihaya's karuta involves aggressive movements and worst of all, they don't wear any traditional clothes at all, but just pants and shirts, whatever works.

Though I can't say the same for the girls' love for the hundred poems, since I'm not someone who understands poems or know the beauty of them (sad to say), I understand that for those who play Karuta should at least appreciate the meanings behind the poems, rather than just memorizing them for the sake of competition and such.

Chihaya pleads Oe-san to teach her the meanings of the poems and they got her to join their club. With few conditions, one of them is that they should at least wear 'hakama' during matches.


The only thing I'd complain about this episode is again, the lack of Arata's appearance! I'm beginning to think whether he's even one of the main characters. But there's hope that he shall return to Karuta again in this final scene xD I can't wait for their reunion.

Rating: 8.5/10


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