Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boku to Star no 99 Nichi [ep 3]

Daichi's cover gets blown when Kouhei's memory serves him well but Daichi makes sure he never opens his mouth about the past, telling him that the guy he was before is dead.

If only this is real...

From ep1, we know Daichi has his eyes on Han Yuna and hopes to win her heart but to no avail as she treats him as a co-star. Conversely, she's definitely has something for Kouhei whether she realizes it or not. For example, when Kouhei calls in sick (pretends to be so he can go search the mysterious guy), she gets restless and even phones him to ask his condition. Unsatisfied with that, she actually sneaks out to his house all equipped with ingredients for porridge. Kouhei sure is lucky.

Daichi, you should've taken the fried tofu she offered because really, that's all you'll get from her.

As for Tae-Sung (mystery guy) and Momo, they meet again on the streets. I won't be surprised if the writers are spicing up the show with romance between the two. They do share something in common. Interest in dancing.

Kouhei's trademark is always the beaten up face. I pity him no longer as I think he's immune already.

His estranged sister is back, as casually as ever after being dumped by her bf. So I take it that the Okinawa trip didn't go that well after all, as opposed to her few lovely video calls.
LMAO at the takoyaki-san's face,it looks like she just encountered a ghost, rather than an actress.

Basically, nothing much happens in this episode except for these few points:

1) Mystery guy's name is Tae-Sung and he's Yuna's long lost brother (how cliche but let's not fret)
2) Yuna's more than work-related relationship with Kouhei or rather, her concern for him is as conspicuous as it gets.
3) Yuna and TS finally meet but TS gets all upset for some reason and tells her that their status is different now

It's an overall, very cliche plot and kinda predictable show. I'll still continue watching despite all that maybe because I haven't really lost interest in the characters yet. But I do hope they don't drag the whole sister-brother issue too long and reveal to us the reason they parted ways. Besides that, keep the comedy coming.

Rating: 7/10


Yuna, you should learn tricks to disguise more than this.

There is something very wrong with this scene


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