Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unfair~ Double Meaning Nijuu Teigi

When I thought of Unfair, I recall the police drama that I watched ages ago…okay it wasn’t that long ago but all I could think of is Eita and of course, the star of the show – Ryoko Shinohara. However, this special doesn’t have either one. Well, Ryoko IS in it, but I won’t count that 2 minutes of appearance anything much. In fact, her role in this Special is only a mere Special Appearance in which she was thanked when the credit rolls, alongside with Sato Koichi. 

So if you’re a diehard fan of Ryoko, don’t bother watching this Special. However, I’m not exactly sure whether this will be some sort of a continuation for the upcoming second movie, Unfair the Answer in which Ryoko will be the lead. Instead of Ryoko this time around, we have rookie cop, Mochizuki or nicknamed Mocchy played by Kitano Kii. Mocchy is assigned to join the Special Investigation team led by Yamaji who shows no trust and interest in his job any longer due to a dark past. He is betrayed by his closest comrades, as explained by Mikami, medical examiner from Forensics.


Well, it turns out that Yamaji’s not the only who has a dark past. Mocchy also has a traumatizing past which has more connection to Yamaji more than he has imagined. While I’m not going to spoil it all for you guys, just an insight of the case they are working on for the special. A mysterious call straight to the Special Investigation team’s office, accepted by Mocchy herself is laughed off by everyone as they think it’s just a prank call that comes every now and then. Despite Mocchy’s strong feeling that this is for real, and 4 hostages are being kidnapped and held somewhere, as a rookie cop, they don’t take her seriously. However, when a body shows up the next day, the team is plunged into a racing against time game by the villain who makes demands each time he makes a call.

With the help from a profiler, they get clues and answers to the caller’s questions but before long, more bodies appear. So will they be able to save any of the hostages? And what kind of secret will they find out at the end of it all? Is this just a mere kidnap and murder case as they thought it was? 



My first impression of Kitano Kii’s character is a generic and cliché for EVERY SINGLE ROOKIE COP out there. Full of life, energetic, strong sense of justice, great enthusiasm for the job, impatient, doesn’t think twice and charge blindly with full vigour. Her character is so normal that it doesn’t stand out much even if that’s the whole point of being a rookie. Although it has nothing to do with Kitano Kii’s acting, it’s the problem with the character that I don’t really have much empathy for Mocchy. I actually like Mikami more so than Mocchy. Mikami is far more interesting, though he doesn’t have as much screentime as Mocchy, understandable but his flashy clothes, odd interests in various items (you’ll understand once you see his room in the show), his eccentricity and little competition with the profiler are all very amusing. About the case, initially it didn’t interest me much but towards the end, it gets more gripping and all I can say is, I am satisfied with the twist. Hope I didn’t spoil too much there. Oh before I forget, Ryoko appears for few seconds in the middle of a flashback, and at the final scenes. Sato Koichi too…and they’re definitely in the second movie soon to be shown. I wonder why they make this special though. Coz it seems like a filler. I mean, Ryoko’s gonna appear in the next movie, why this movie where she doesn’t play any crucial role except hinting that she’s gonna make a comeback soon. Maybe just to let us know how her previous team is doing after her departure. I don’t see Kitano Kii in the promotional poster for the second movie, Unfair the Answer, so I’m gonna assume that she’s not going to be in it.

Rating: 8/10 - average if not saved by the twist of the case, coz let's face it, nobody can replace Ryoko Shinohara!

See you guys in the movie!

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