Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nankyoku Tairiku [ep 2]

Nankyoku continues this week as we follow the men onboard Soya (the ship), as they embark on the historical journey to Antartica. When we have a bunch of men cooped up in a ship, we’re bound to see some fights and things get even more interesting when dogs are involved.

Samejima appears to be a hard person to get along with in this episode. For example, when they reach the Straits of Malacca, the temperature increases tremendously. (gosh…kinda proud it’s mentioned coz that’s my country, Msia xD) Well, yes…we have tropical weather as opposed to the four seasoned Japan, so it’s just natural that they aren’t used to the weather. And surprise surprise, only the dog kennel has air-conditioner?! They really think well ahead for the dogs! So when Samejima learns about it, he decides to get the key without permission to enter the kennel. This causes some friction among Kuramoshi and him as they get involved with the first fight man to man on the ship xD Then, they find out that the government gives the verdict that it isn’t necessary for them to stay all year long there till the 2nd expedition team comes. Which means, they’re not allowed to winter over even though a bunch of them have volunteered.

When they finally enter the Antartica Circle, the men get a taste of rough weather as the ship rolls uncontrollably due to the storm. The situation gets more serious when there’s fire at some parts of the ship and water is coming in. The guys get thrown from the strong force to the walls, some fell unconscious, injured in the process and of course, Inuzuka is the HERO in this episode. Guy saves one of the dogs from getting drowned. I wonder if the dog knows how to swim though, then he wouldn’t have to kind of risk his life? Okay, so maybe the dog is helpless. Anyways, that is pretty intense though and coupled with Yokomine’s wife delivering back in the country.

Samejima also turns to be better in the end when he risks himself to save Taro (dog). It’s pretty heart-warming when we find out that the scroll-like item he always has beside him, turns out to be a drawing from his beloved son. Aww…despite the fact that he’s being difficult in the beginning, he apologizes to Kuramochi. Kuramochi and the guys still hasn’t given up on the wintering over issue and after a second negotiation, they finally get what they want.

Another exciting episode with some intense moments. The dogs are again, adorable. The final scene when they reach Antartica and the sight of floating icebergs are spectacular. Beautiful.By the way, Yokomine gets a pair of twins! Lolz

Rating: 9/10

Great sight...notice how the ship's surrounded by ice all over?

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