Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mitsu no Aji [ep 2]

This show begins to remind me of Taisetsu na Koto (Miura Haruma, Takei Emi and Toda Erika) -Two girls fighting for a guy. Though in Taisetsu, the fight wasn't as evil as this. By evil, I mean Aya's pretentious character in front of everybody else and when nobody's watching, the smiles stops so abruptly we know she has some evil plan cooked up in her mind.

So Kanno Miho's character is not all goody good type though she puts on the facade but deep inside, she's easily jealous and very protective over her partner. At times, she can be very controlling too as we see her prompted the marriage plan despite the fact that she didn't want to initially, giving Masato no chance to slow down. But Masato's not complaining much. After all, he was the one who proposed first.

Aya sure is one very sensitive woman, she sees through Naoko from the moment they first met. Is this called a woman's sixth sense? But she is right about Naoko. So knowing that she has one competitor in sight, so near her partner, she quickly takes any chance to hold Masato on the leash - marriage. I'm wondering though why is it that she's feeling threatened by Naoko? Afterall, she's considered Masato's niece. Though they aren't blood related, Masato clearly has no other type of feelings towards Naoko except treating her as his little sister.
Aya pays a visit to Masato's hometown, taking the golden opportunity to be introduced to his brother, sealing the marriage plan. What surprises me is how she doesn't even miss the chance to investigate Naoko's room. But the sight of Naoko's 'height scale' on the wall where she also etched Masato's height totally ruins her mood. Jealousy is definitely on the max in this episode.


And some things aren't meant to be said. Like for example, when Naoko can't contain herself longer and confesses to Masato about her true feelings. I knew from that moment, Masato will never be able to see her as a niece anymore. There'll be a definite barrier between both of them and things will never be the same. Things can easily head for the worst from here on. Masato will feel awkward communicating with her and think of her as a threat to his married life in the future. That's a given though he tries with much effort to tell Naoko to work together towards being good doctors and it'll be just like before. It is so obvious he thinks otherwise. But I understand that he's in difficult position given this kind of situation. Heck the guy's going to marry in a few days and his niece confessed to him?!


The second episode seems to pick up some speed and steam xD Thanks to Aya's evil character I can foresee some very heated confrontation between these two in the near future. I find Kanno Miho is pretty brilliant in being antagonists and also protagonists. That said, she's doing gorgeously with Aya's character. As for both Eikura and ARATA, they've improved quite a lot from their limited first episode. Seems like they've warmed up to their roles. Eikura seems more convincing too as Naoko in this episode. That said, I've found some glimmer of hope for this show.

Rating: 8/10


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