Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunter [ep 2]

This week, we find out that Rei hates eggs which is also why she doesn’t bother to learn cooking them, let alone preparing a sunny side-up lol. Well thanks to the housewife Katsumi, she gets to learn few dishes and ultimately the way to fry an egg, without screwing up. Still no news about Akane, Rei is stuck with Haru and after getting some hints from Katsumi about her not understanding being a mother, Rei decides to prove that she can take care of Haru - first, she has to perfect her cooking skillz! 


We also know from this episode that Katsumi would do anything for money xDD It’s amusing how she squeezed quite a lot from Rei just for the cooking lessons and every other chance she can earn from. She's a fun character and the actress herself seems to be having a blast playing the role.

After having a lucky turnout in their last capture, they decide to hunt for another criminal which offers money. This time, the criminal comes from the town itself and has been gone without any sight for 4 long years. Rei then divides the jobs and I’m glad they still maintain a bit of reality for Jun. Jun’s the only one having a full time work as a flight attendant and it’d be weird if she always has the time to hang around with them and investigate. However, once she’s free, she’s on the detective mode, like the rest of the group.

Jun playing detective...with her bunny phone

I’m still trying to digest the whole idea of them being Bounty Hunters. It’s obviously PURE LUCK that they manage to hunt down those criminals one by one so far, without much difficulty. They make it look like the 1 million yen is easy money! Which is far from the truth. I mean, the police takes forever to catch the criminals and they successfully do it in what, like few days or a week? Bit too far-fetched. It’d be nice if they get more and more difficult cases in the future though. This week’s case is kinda weak, though a bit heart-warming towards the end.  

Another 1 million yen! Yatta!

Gondo again, limited scenes but his reputation sure is getting better and better now that the girls are around town to help him find criminals. 
Rating: 7/10


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