Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ga-Rei: Zero [ep 4-5]

Remember what happened back in episode 2? Almost everyone was killed back there leaving us wondering how can the show go on when virtually all the casts are slaughtered. Well, there's a reaosn why the anime is called Ga-Rei: ZERO. See? The Zero makes it the PREQUEL to the actual manga. So it tells the story in the flashback mode. What happened in the past that caused Yomi to be evil and start killing people? All shall be answered in the rest of the show. 

In episode 3 (which I skipped), we see both Yomi and Karuga begin to narrate the past. Karuga's mother, the heir to Ga-Rei Byakuei (one of the strongest sacred beasts) is murdered, leaving her father to receive the heirloom. Another related exorcist family is the Isayama and that's where Yomi comes into the picture. Yomi is an adopted daughter in the Isayama family and albeit not being the real daughter, her father passes to her their family heirloom, a sword that holds the sacred beast "Ranguren". Given such an important task with a sense of responsibility and gratitude, Yomi tries her best to deliver. When Karuga loses her mother and with her father busy with the new task ahead, Yomi persuades her father to bring Karuga in to stay with them - and since then, they become very close with each other - the sisterhood is strong between them.

Being playful with Pocky sticks is a nice touch here xDD

In episode 4, Karuga begins to join Yomi in her part-time job - exorcism task with the Supernatural Agency. Though Karuga is still too young and inexperienced in real battles, she learns fast and seems to be able to handle certain desperate situations. But at times she can't bring herself to kill possessed human. One of her weaknesses. If you're wondering about the little 'kiss' on the right, don't be misled. They are fighting over the final Pocky stick and none wants to lose and yeah...too playful there, Yomi or you're going to send the wrong signals!

Lol at Sakuraba gaping at both of the girls behind HAHA and who knew Iwahata-san is gay!

The overall episode is rather light, no life-threatening battles or any dramatic things happening. We get introduced to Michael-san who is the one making Karuga's sword. And he's always naked. Don't ask.

Seriously someone should ask the guy to dress up especially in front of a kid like Karuga!

Highlights of ep4:
1. Pocky fight and eventually the affectionate sisterly kiss between the two
2. Michael-san is an artist who invents odd exorcism machines and always naked
3. The amazing white dragon-like Ga-Rei Byakuei

Moving on to ep5 - funny! Yomi is engaged to Noriyuki, a fellow member of the Agency who has ferrets as his sacred beast. The engagement however is not because of their mutual feelings for each other, rather it's arranged between the two families to strengthen their ties among the exorcist families. Despite that, Yomi leaves it all for her father to decide as she's grateful just to be accepted as part of the family. Watching the distance between Yomi and Noriyuki, Karuga tries to plot a plan to make them closer. So the only MISSION of the episode is to simply pull both of them closer.

To say the plan successful, not really because it somehow backfires.
Trying to make Yomi jealous proves to be a dangerous plan when she attacks poor Noriyuki who doesn't know what is going on. And when they calm down and realize that both of them will always fight like this in the future, they are contemplating about their engagement. Kagura finally makes her move and insists them to show proof that they've reconciled- the kiss. Noriyuki then leans closer toward Yomi who instead of kissing him, flips him over onto the ground. Ouch!


But they both definitely has a thing for each other because later that night, Yomi meets him and from the brief talk they have - it's proven xDD No, we're not blind enough to miss that brief shot from far away but they definitely kissed.

Looks like Yomi is going to be challenged by her cousin in the future episodes. Yomi's uncle has come to ask her father to reconsider about having Yomi take over as leader of the household as she's not blood-related at all. He reminds Yomi's father that he too, has a daughter, Mei who can take over with the advantage of her being his flesh and blood, unlike Yomi.

White hair at this age? lolz


Yomi used to be so gentle and sweet and NICE!!!~ How the hell did she turn into someone so merciless? Her sisterhood with Karuga is really strong and they're like real sisters though they're not blood-related. So it's kinda hard to imagine the present Yomi trying so hard to murder Karuga. Something traumatic must have happened along the way. 

Rating: 8.5/10

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