Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ga-Rei: Zero [ep 2]

The second episode is much more awesome than the first. While in the last episode, we see Section Four team got slaughtered by the mysterious girl with purple eyes, we’re introduced to yet another team in the 2nd episode. This team heads to fight the monster which keeps on coming back to life despite how many times it has been killed. By now they knew something beyond their expectation is at work.

Karuga and Pocky stick!

The other main character, Karuga (protagonist) also appears for the first time here. Her first scene is pretty cute – girl’s got Pocky stick in her mouth as she waits patiently for the monster to arrive. The team is ordered to lure the monster to the bridge where Karuga is. Killing the monster proves to be an easy job for Karuga as she slashes it into half with one strike. However, the dead army continues to be possessed by another type of spirit and come alive to attack them.


That is when the mysterious girl appears and continues to dismember anyone standing her way. Karuga’s phone rings and she gasps at the caller ID. Apparently, it is Yomi, the mysterious girl who calls. She greets Karuga with a smirk on her face as the whole team is shocked with her return. The HQ  orders them to kill Yomi even though she was one of their members, but due to certain unexplained circumstances, she is no longer the Yomi they knew.

This explains the picture Karuga has on her phone. The picture shows both of them looking very close and again, Yomi too has a liking for Pocky. I wonder if Pocky gets a boost of sales from this show hehe…though the brand isn’t shown but c’mon, it’s Pocky no matter how you look at it. xDD Yomi summons a monster and escapes, luring Karuga and Nori to chase after her to the underground earlier in episode 1.

Fighting sequence pretty cool

In order to find her faster, Karuga goes in separate ways from Nori. It doesn’t take long for Yomi to appear behind her with the familiar blue petals floating around. I wonder what’s symbolic about the blue petals though. They immediately engage in an intense fight. Yes, intense because you can see how the constant hesitation from Karuga’s side to really attack, it is evident that Karuga still has hope to save Yomi from whatever evil thing she has become. And we also find out that Nori is actually Yomi’s fiancĂ©. But looks like he’s dead when one of his pet dissolves into thin air when Yomi first appears behind Karuga. And Yomi has blood spatter on her face. That explains why Nori never comes to Karuga’s rescue.

Karuga is more powerful than Yomi and when provoked by Yomi, she finally is able pin her down. However, due to her hesitation over their pasts, Yomi kicks and sends her flying. Karuga then releases the gas from the pipe, causing the whole place to blow up as she escapes. I really thought that is the end of Yomi, but she turns out alive without a single scratch above when she uses the monster to bite Karuga. Is it sooo hard to kill her off?! I’m saying that but actually, I’m more of a Yomi fan than Karuga at the moment. I do believe that Yomi has a past that causes her to turn into an evil killing machine. The episode ends with Yomi finishing Karuga after she hears her calling her Onee-chan, something that irks her a lot, which prompted the kill. 


This is an intense episode. The fighting scenes are great, especially between Karuga and Yomi and not just because both are talented swordswomen, I find it all the more intriguing and engaging because of their relationship. Their conversation with each other, especially those coming out from Yomi are really hurtful and provocative. It holds a lot of hints about the past too, which makes me all the more curious of the reason they become enemies. We're left to think whether Karuga makes it out alive from Yomi at the end of this episode though. 

Rating: 9.5/10

Yomi gaining the upper hand before finishing Karuga off

Yomi being sarcastic with the call to Karuga

The end of a beautiful friendship?

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