Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ga-Rei: Zero [ep 8]

I feel like screaming out loud at the end of this episode. OMG! What did they do to Yomi? She's my fav character despite her being the antagonist in the first two episodes, but then they show all these pasts where she's just a normal exorcist who help saved so many people and they have to give her such an ending! Before I totally lose it, lemme just recap a bit the highlights of the episode, which ended with a shocking scene.

As mentioned earlier, Yomi has a cousin who's jealous of her because her father has decided to make her the next Head of the family when he steps down. And this cousin, Mei falls prey to the boy with the blue petals, okay, the blue petals have been very symbolic as the antagonist's sign in the show. Something terrible always follow whenever there's sign of the blue petal. Bad omen...


After having been lured by the kiddo who holds a type of stone called Death Stone, she gives into her own desires. And that is to eliminate Yomi's father in order to be the next Head. I'm not sure how the kid works his ways in detail but basically, he is drawn toward those with dark desires and since Mei is one of them, he sort of amplifies that dark side of the character using the stone, which kinda works as a Healer too, giving the bearer so much power that he/she is simple indestructible. So one night, Mei kills Yomi's father, sending her into such despair especially when Mei's father uses that opportunity to get rid of Yomi - he changes the will to him being the leader and since he's old, naturally, Mei becomes the Head of the family. 

Mei who is already consumed with deep hatred asks for Yomi's sword since it is supposed to be passed down to the heir. Left with no choice, Yomi gives it to her. Well, things would've been fine just like that seriously! Yomi going back to her normal life, not having to worry about exorcism anymore. I mean, that life is so much better than what comes next!

A call for duty when Karuga is deep in sleep mode, makes Yomi leave with Karuga's sword instead. BAD MOVE, YOMI!!!!~ Arghhhh....well, so she arrives at this place reported to show signs of supernatural activity, and sure enough, Mei is waiting already for her. They soon battle it out fiercely but everytime Yomi slashes Mei, her wounds heal so fast that Yomi is left helpless. 

However, just when Mei wants to finish Yomi off, the Death Stone disappears from her body, as if the kid deliberately takes it away from her, causing her wounds to return. Yomi takes the opportunity to overtake her. Yomi walks away unscathed after killing Mei. At this point, I was relieved. BUT...

The spooky white hair kid appears again! Seriously, can someone kill him off? I'm annoyed by him already. Playing around with people's life. Before Yomi can even defend herself, he sends these sharp steels raining down on her, yes...piercing her in the most awful ways as possible.


WTF....WTFFFF! Yomi getting pierced on her eye and throat like that...omg...

What is the justification to let Yomi suffer like this?

This episode makes me so upset. It's sad to the max to watch Yomi end like this out of the blue.

Rating: 9.5/10

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