Monday, September 12, 2011

Zenkai Girl [ep 9]

The show began really well and I get so immersed with it. But when it gets melodramatic halfway through the show...I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the main characters. Wakaba and Sato are really the most indecisive couples that I've ever seen in a drama, when it is already so clear that they like each other. For Wakaba, she has always been after money and status because of her tough childhood and she isn't going to give up on that easily after having built her career from scratch. As for Sato, he's nice and gentle and a great dad, but I have major problem with his timid-ness and lack of courage to step over the line for once. And my problem with Wakaba has always been the same - her indecisiveness. Everytime I watch her contemplate between Shindo and Sato, I feel like strangling her. Stop it already and make a choice!


In this episode, yes, you've guessed it. The same cycle again. It's been that manner since the last few ones and I'm thinking they should really make a final episode already. Again and again, the kids are pushing the adults to confess to each other. Yes, I get it. The kids are more mature and bold. Too bad their advice and wise words go to waste.

Sato's son, Pitaro confessing his love to Hinata at school.

Okay, so Wakaba nearly did chase after Sato after he leaves the wedding boutique. Maybe it's fate that she has to fall flat on her face after tripping.

Call it good or bad luck...

Meanwhile Wakaba's company is defending Brighton and the victim is one of the dads' workplace. So naturally, dads stick with dads right? For this case, I don't really blame Wakaba for not helping Pitaro and the guys. I mean, business is business. Wakaba has an oath to obey within her company and she did the right thing not getting involved with the enemy of their client. Even the slightest mouth slip may cost her her career or getting the whole company into trouble. That said, I don't find her action cruel.

The Principal tried to persuade Hinata's mother but in vain. She tells him that she isn't the person she was. The flashbacks are hilarious! They're obviously toooo OLD to be acting as students but they go ahead anyway which makes it even more amusing.

During a visit to Brighton company, Wakaba wants to try talk to the CEO about the Maruho toys, but is stopped by Shindo. However, someone else sprints towards the shocked boss. Kujo sensei asks him whether he has seen the toys before and that he shouldn't stop it from being produced. Before she can speak further though Shindo cuts in and apologized. 
Sakurakawa then comes in and announces the happy ending to all the chaos. Wait a minute. Are we in Disneyland now where everyone gets a happy ending? Maybe I'm the only one who finds it hard to accept the solution. I get that Sakurakawa saves the day by persuading Brighton to buy the small company and continue the production of the toys, instead of shutting it down entirely and oh joy! But that's so cliche and I feel like wasting my time watching the last 40 mins. 

The next minute however, reveals Shindo's evil plan to take over the company from Sakurakawa. He asks Wakaba to stand by his side. The night then continues with the guys celebrating for the dismissal of the lawsuit. Wakaba finally decides to confess to Sato after hearing some wise words again from Sakurakawa herself. Shindo makes his move and meets Sato. He implies that Sato should not ruin Wakaba's future.

The episode ends with Wakaba confessing to Sato. And I'm like...FINALLY! What have you been doing the past 9 episodes? Day dreaming? However, having heard some sharp words from Shindo, Sato decides to turn her down. He tells her that he did like her but now, he has someone in mind. Soyoko overhears him and asks him is it alright for him to like her instead of Wakaba. Sato then walks away with her hand in hand, leaving a dejected Wakaba.

I actually don't mind if Wakaba ends up with Sato or not, frankly. I really like Sato-Soyoko pairing more so than with Wakaba. Although I really do think that it's going to end up with them together anyway. I'm pretty sure Soyoko will come to realize that Sato still likes Wakaba and maybe voluntarily steps down in the next or final episode. The thing with the drama is it's kinda too predictable. So if both Sato and Wakaba ends up being single in the final episode, then that'll be the biggest surprise for the season for me. Fat chance, me thinks, considering how cliche the show is.
Rating: 8/10


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