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Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 27]

After the devastating news on Hidekatsu's death, Gou still couldn't get over it despite giving birth to a cute little baby girl. The news also reached Hidetada's side and his  usual nonchalant character showed some sympathy.

Lady Kita-no-Mandokoro (One) named Gou's daughter, Sada, which carried the meaning "have everything". The Regent, Hidekatsu's brother told Gou that Hideyoshi should apologize for sending Hidekatsu to Korea.
In grief, Gou felt that she should've prevented Hidekatsu from going to war and she couldn't hold her daughter because she wanted to hold together with Hidekatsu. Hatsu then came to visit her and also her niece.
Can I spare few lines for Yoshi? Lol...Yoshi is such a lovely person. Having watched and cared for Gou since she was born, I think Yoshi played the role of a mother more so than Gou's real mother. Her antics and comic relief always lighten up everyone's heart. Gou's really lucky to have her as her wet nurse.

Hatsu tried to cheer Gou up but in vail. It seemed that Hatsu's husband was also at war, but in Kyushu. Gou then told her there's nothing to worry about if it was in Kyushu. It just occured to me that Hatsu still didn't have any child.

The baby's really cute!
 Notice how many maids sitting behind them in the fourth picture above? That's a LOT!

Gou mentioned she wanted to die and join Hidekatsu. Hatsu then asked Lady Takutsu for help. Why do I feel that was a mistake? lol...

Lady Tatsuko's advice:
1. Gou should meet Hideyoshi because from her own experience, after she became his concubine, he lifted her spirits
2.Wear nice kimono and eat tasty food
3.Just forget his very own existence


Next up - Lady Gracia came to visit Gou. She then told Gou of her own experiences when she had attempted suicide several times. However she was saved by Christianity which doesn't allow suicides. After recovering from that, she returned home to a husband who was enjoying his time with other women. So having a husband or not didn't matter for her anymore. She told Gou that compared to her, Gou was more fortunate. She asked Gou to have faith in her own strength. 

Photobucket Chacha came back and consoled Gou. She also returned with a good news. She was pregnant with Hideyoshi's second child. Chacha told Gou that Sada is Gou's hope. A box then arrived from Korea for Gou, Hidekatsu's belongings, which included strands of his hair, his short sword (I don't know what you call that) and a letter. He mentioned that during his illness, he had a great time with the children there and thought that it was wrong to take over their land. Despite the fun times, he still thought of her a lot and knew he couldn't live longer. He wondered what has he left her with.


Thank you for the flashbacks, dear least we still get to see more Hidekatsu.

Gou finally realized that Sada was the proof of their love and something Hidekatsu left her with. She then found the courage to hold Sada and live on.
"Your sister is a goddess" - Hideyoshi to Gou
Chacha gave birth to a baby boy. It's amazing how Hideyoshi, as old as he was, still able to have a child. But watching his childlike happiness, I couldn't help but be happy for him despite how much sins he had committed. Gou asked him to stop the war, but he still wouldn't listen. Instead, some evil plan was forming at the back of his mind regarding Hiroi's future as Toyotomi's heir and as the Regent.
Hiroi is betrothed to Hidetsugu's daughter. Wow...Hiroi was still a baby and he already was engaged? Things do work pretty fast back in the old days. I really feel sorry for Hidetsugu being controlled and played like a puppet by Hideyoshi. Even though he was now the Regent, he still had to obey Hideyoshi.
It's a rather slow episode because it deals with Gou's mourning period for her husband and how she faced it bravely after being consoled by a number of people. It is also the beginning of another plot of Hideyoshi's and in the next episode, we shall see what he forced Hidetsugu to do. Gou's baby is really cute though xD

Rating: 8/10

This scene is amazingly beautiful!

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