Monday, September 12, 2011

Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 28]

After having gotten over Hidekatsu's death, Gou had return to normal but a storm is brewing right around the corner. But before we get to that part, some updates- Chacha's son is going to turn 2 years old and they are moving to Fushimi Castle, but because Chacha's first son, Tsurumatsu died of illness when he was 2, she decides to stay behind until Hiroi (2nd son) grows older.

That aside, the storm Gou was sensing back in the previous episode shall come true here. She is worried that Hideyoshi, in order to let Hiroi become Regent, will do anything to overthrow his nephew, Hidetsugu off his position at any cost. Hidetsugu in the meantime is abandoning his duties and even drinks during daylight. He has lost hope and knows that Hideyoshi will somehow do something to get rid of him.

Gou's daughter with Hidekatsu - if I'm not mistaken, she was in Don Quixote too! KAWAIII!!!~ They really look like mother-daughter!

Hideyoshi's love for Hiroi is really huge as he treats him as a blessing from God. (Well, who wouldn't when a 57 year old guy can still have a son?) 

After Hiroi turns 2, Chacha brings him to Fushimi Castle and unites with Hideyoshi. Hiroi receives a short sword, a horse and a rank of fifth prince in the lower rank, (whatever that is). But that gives Hidetsugu a little warning sign. Hideyoshi tells Mitsunari of his wish to see Hiroi become Regent with his very own eyes. He the proceeds by telling him to protect Chacha and Hiroi. 
When Tokugawa comes for a visit to the Regent, Hidetsugu calls him an old fox because he sees through his intention of going to Fushimi Castle using the celebration for Hiroi as an excuse. He goes on saying that Tokugawa is there to actually inspect the state of Hideyoshi. Tokugawa then soothes his feelings by saying that the people know Hidetsugu the Regent is leading the nation. Tokugawa also stops by Gou's place to pay respect to the late Hidekatsu. Gou asks his opinions about Hideyoshi's plan. But he is a bit reluctant to reveal the situation. However, that doesn't stop Hidetada from telling Gou the obvious - Hideyoshi is planning to oust Hidetsugu from his post.Tokugawa leaves the castle for Edo and orders Hidetada to stay behind and reports to him the situation. He also tells him to side by The Highness if anything is to happen between the two.

Hidetsugu is still nonchalant about the situation, finds himself engrossed with his novels when Gou visits him. Hidetada appears shortly after and Hidetsugu invites him to stay for the night but Hidetada politely declines. He then reveals to Gou afterwards that Hidetsugu is trying to get him and his father, Tokugawa on his side.

Suddenly, Gou's daughter, Sada rushes to her and Gou introduces her to Hidetada. Then, Sada asks whether he is her father. Hidetada is overwhelmed by the question that makes him speechless for a while. I'm sure that touches his SOFT SPOT right there! I really find that brief scene very touching indeed. But Hidetada hides his emotion by making a remark that someone like Gou could be a mother after all, causing Gou to reply that is rude of him.

Mitsunari wastes no time to make his move, as according to Hideyoshi's orders. He frames Hidetsugu of betraying Hideyoshi and lies to him that writing an oath to express his loyalty towards Hideyoshi will save him. He does exactly that but instead of being saved, he is confined to an isolated mountain while waiting for punishment. Gou learns about it and sees Mitsunari for explanation.

Gou requests to meet Hideyoshi but denied by him with the excuse His Highness is resting in bed. She then wants to see Hidetsugu. Mistunari breaks the news that Hidetsugu has agreed to commit seppuku. When Mitsunari doesn't allow her to go, Gou threatens to kill herself.


Gou's persuasion and advice are in vain when Hidetsugu tells her that he has made up his mind. He wishes to let go off it and joins his brother, Hidekatsu. He includes that he will tell him about Sada for Gou. A week later, he committed seppuku but Hideyoshi goes all the way to execute his entire family.

Because of that, Hideyoshi is constantly haunted and can't sleep. He then tears down Jurakutei, Hidetsugu's castle and also where Gou lived with Hidekatsu. This causes her to have no home to return to and for what happened, she decides to cut her ties with Hideyoshi, saying that she has no words to talk to him after that day, and hopes she will not meet him ever again. 

But Hideyoshi proposes another marriage plan for her. He wants her to marry Hidetada since Tokugawa is the strongest amongst the daimyos. With the marriage, Toyotomi clan and the Tokugawas will have a deeper bond, helping them in the future.

This episode should be dedicated to Hidetsugu. I really feel sorry for him and his whole family for being framed by Hideyoshi. Another shortlived character like Hidekatsu. What exactly is Hideyoshi thinking about seriously...he's gone mad ,that old man. And another marriage for Gou! Though I pity her for being pushed around by Hideyoshi and forced twice into political marriages, I really look forward to Gou-Hidetada life together. xD
Rating: 8.5/10


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