Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zenkai Girl [ep 10]

The episode kicks off with a good atmosphere because everyone practically isn’t as indecisive as before. For example, Wakaba after having been turned down in an embarrassing scenario, she’s made up her mind to marry Shindo. I still think both of them are an odd pair. They don’t even go on dates and I bet Wakaba only meets him in the company. Sota too has changed for the better, deciding to try it out with Soyoko. I think that’s a good decision, they really look more like a pair. And Ririka is back in this episode! More determined than ever, she wants to fight for custody of Pitaro. She asks Wakaba to be her representative.

So as a negotiator, she informs the situation to Sota who of course, is shocked. But he gives it a deep thought and discusses the matter with Pitaro. I think that is a very touching scene, between Sota and Pitaro. True father-son moment. But naturally, Pitaro picks to be with his mother when Sota asks him who he wants to be with and protect. However, I was thinking “What about Hinata?” But we’ll get to that later.


When Sota announces the news to Ririka, she’s happy of course but then changes the topic to Sota and Wakaba. Nice slap you gave him there, Ririka! I've always waited for someone to give him a jolt or something just to wake him up from his dreamy land!Yup, she slaps him after watching how Sota laments that Wakaba has her own future and he doesn’t want to get in the way. Ririka then blurts that he isn’t the strong Sota she knew back then and I find it true when she mentions how Sota could’ve gone back to NY with her and Pitaro if he is choosing Soyoko now, who he doesn’t even have any feelings towards initially. Actually, I don’t think he has even now. Sota, you’re just making things worse! Although I like Sota-Soyoko pair, what if he suddenly says that he just can’t seem to like her down the road? He’ll drag Soyoko down too.But let's hope he keeps his mind focused till the end.

great scene...the kid's goood....


About the scene where the kids elope….can they please not portray the kids as being too mature for their age in the show? Because sometimes, I can’t help but roll my eyes. I like the kids, I do but sometimes their maturity level doesn’t fit their age that I find it quite unbelievable. I won’t dare to imagine the things they’ll do in another 10 years! Ahhh…the innocence of puppy love.
will they still remember what happened in the next 20 years?

Sota's set on going to France to pursue his dreams and asks Soyoko to come along. That's a good move. And why is Wakaba crying she loves Sota more than she actually realizes but a bit too late now, don't you think? After what.. like 10 episodes and now you're weeping? Basically, I'm glad Sota finally chases after his dream. But somehow, I find that the writers are bringing Ririka back just so she can take Pitaro away from Sota and let him concentrate on his career. But why can't he juggle between the two? It's the same case as how Sakurakawa is assumed not being able to work like before when she's just being a better mother. What's up with that ideology? I thought there are many career women with a fine family out there...and the same goes with men. The nature of the show seems to want the characters to select between the two. Either way, this show's finally ending.I hope they don't turn things around right at the last minute though and make a cliche ending.

Rating: 8/10
I don't feel as touched by Shindo's hug as compared to the one Soyoko gives Sota

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