Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jiu [ep 7]

What is the motive of Amamiya’s killer? Kadokura and Azuma find themselves being stuck at that question for almost more than half of the episode as they keep interrogating the villain. I think I spotted Yoshitaka Yuriko in 2 of the pictures they show the villain. Apparently, his sister is ill and they thought that he’s in need of large sum of money. However, he tells them he has nothing to do with his sister anymore. And he went on stalling them which was a bit draggy frankly. And I was like “spill it out already!”


Meanwhile, Izaki finds herself being followed by this freelance journalist who is also investigating on the case. At first, Izaki isn’t interested…well when is she ever interested in anything else other than her own agenda right? But the moment he mentioned Amamiya’s name, she’s curious and he tells him the information he has gathered so far.

What makes me wonder though is how does he know this much? It’s either he has an insider in the police department or he’s got a hidden motive. But anyways, he connects the dots between the Toshinori boy’s kidnapping case and the rescue the other day, which got Amamiya killed. He asks Izaki to be his partner and they begin investigating on their own.

it's either I'm right or that girl just looks like Yuriko

Takeuchi (villain) finally gives them a clue to their motive. Due to my limited Japanese, I couldn’t really get the whole conversation but I think he’s saying that all they’re doing now is for the order of the new world. What kind of world he’s talking about, I’m not entirely sure (will check back again when the subs are out). Then as if to make it even more suspenseful, he committed suicide and now leaves the police at a dead end again. Kadokura finally gets what Jiu was talking in the footages. “Wo zai zhe li” literally means “I’m here”. What is he trying to imply anyway? Also, Jiu is seen taking orders from someone through the phone. WHO IS THE REAL MASTERMIND? I thought Jiu is the leader and I'm dead wrong!

Izaki finally meets Jiu for the first time at the end of the episode and they fight, duh...but Izaki finds herself losing to him! HAHA if there's something Izaki has to realize is that she's not the most powerful being in the entire world that she can just simply sneer at almost every person she meets. Though Jiu still doesn't convince me much of a fighter (coz he's super thin like a girl, just recall the cross-dressing he did as a nurse in the previous ep), his little fight with Izaki is a good one to show her who's the real boss. xD Izaki's slashed twice but she'll live, and it looks like in the next ep, she'll meet the mastermind! (I recognize him from Gou! Ryuku-sama!)


I'll continue watching, though I'm still disappointed coz no more Amamiya...But I still harbor tiny hope for his return, no matter how ridiculous it might be lol...I think that's part of the reason I'm still gonna watch the next epi xD

 Rating: 7.5/10 - slow paced but the cliffhanger's not bad.

why is there a Joker impersonator?!

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