Saturday, September 17, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 11 END]

What? This is the LAST episode?! Totally caught me off guard because I never thought that the show will only have 11 episodes, with how the story's heading. I guess I was anticipating too much from the show. 


As a recap, Daikichi, Rin and Kouichi is shopping for some food since Kouchi's mom, Yukari is sick. Rin is worried that she caught the flu from her. Daikichi assures her that she could've caught it anywhere and from anyone. Kouichi's tooth falls off suddenly there. 

Jeezz...this gave me scare!

At school, Rin is having skipping test and so Daikichi is accompanying her to the park for practice. Daikichi finally tells the other daddies that he is not Rin's real father but only started living with her for a year. He expresses his worries about how long he can bear it, but the other parents give him their support. That gives Daikichi all the more confidence to see it through. 

Rin and Daikichi then visits his parents. I find the little chat between him and the sister a bit heart-warming, because the sister expresses her doubt in starting a family with her new husband. She rants about all the things she can not do if she starts having children. Daikichi can definitely relate but he says that it's something we can't help if the children's there. His sister also seems to don't mind having Rin around anymore. 

Towards the end, Daikichi seems to have come to a decision, that is to raise Rin and do his best. We're not sure whether he'll end up with Yukari or not coz it wasn't shown, but I'm pretty sure down the road, there's a huge possibility since they seem to have great chemistry. 

It's an overall, a heart-warming with comic relief every now and then. Being a slice of life genre, don't hope for anything drastic or dramatic. But Rin is too cute to resist. I guess shows like these are meant to let people know that being a family doesn't mean you need to have blood relations. Though I'm a bit disappointed that it ends this fast, still it's a good anime.

Overall rating: 8/10

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