Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 9]

Summary:  A typhoon is approaching the city of Tokyo and everyone is preparing for the worst. For example, Daikichi’s company has sandbags placed at strategic places. As for the kids, Kouichi is as usual causing chaos in school. May I just say this, his female teacher is kowaiii! Reminds me of one of my teachers back in primary school. Watching Kouichi not behaving himself, Rin grows frustrated and scolds him. And remarkably, despite how Kouichi never listens to his teachers, he obeys Rin obediently. Hehehe

oh this brings back memories of when I first learned Japanese! Natsukashiii!~

 Later that evening, typhoon comes and Daikichi couldn’t bear to just leave Kouichi alone at the school, so he and Rin invites him over to their house while waiting for his mother. So when the mother arrives, they prepare dinner together, well…more like Rin and the mother while the guys linger around, like they always do xD.

Another simple and light-hearted episode. I can see Kouichi and the mother appearing more often now that their steady relationship with both Daikichi and Rin is established.  I won’t be surprised if it advances to Daikichi being partnered up with the mother. They’ll make a perfect family, but it’d be a cliché though. I can just imagine how Daikichi getting annoyed by Kouichi’s constant mischievous acts. Rating: 7.5/10



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