Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jiu [ep 3]

After a long long...pause in the progress on this drama, I finally have some time to watch the episode. So then what happens to both Kadokura and Izaki after the events that took place earlier? 

Izaki is sent to join SAT as the first female ever to be accepted into it, and we shall presume harsh days ahead for her. As for Kadokura, things are not looking as dim as Izaki. Forgive me if I were to say this. But I have to. Why do things always look so easy for Kadokura? Okay, so she did get injured and humiliated by the villain from the 1st/2nd episode, but somehow, Izaki always has it tougher.

Izaki's days in the new training team as predicted, not bright and beautiful. As the only female in the team, she is looked down upon by the head of the team, as well as the rest of the guys. However, Izaki stayed cool and calm, as usual.
Meanwhile, Kadokura is sent to a new investigation team, serving directly under Azuma, who is still chasing down the kidnapper in his failed case. The kidnapper took advantage of mothers' love for her child in the case, causing the mother to listen fully to him, gave the money to him after she received her son's severed finger. So now, with Kadokura's help, he hoped to get more insight and information from the child regarding the kidnapper. Kadokura's skills in negotiating and friendliness may help in creating a bond between her and the child.

Izaki has to go through various strenuous training activities and she noticed a guy constantly watching her. Who's the guy anyway?! Shouldn't they give more clues to his identity by now? It's so draggy.

Moving on, a new case appeared and now Azuma had to deal with 3 corpses, murdered in the most gruesome way. He suspected the victims to be those from the kidnappers' group. Kadokura then recalled that Okamura might have been worried about something during the hostage case. Azuma told her about the blonde guy who appeared in all the cases. There, another guy whose identity is still unknown.

Izaki passed the 2-day enrolment test and will be formally accepted as a member of SAT the next day. She then went to the club she previously visited only to find that the owner was killed. The weapons were all gone too.

Kadokura also made her second attempt to talk to the kid. As she explained to the kid what she went through during the hostage rescue, the kid flashed back to when he was kidnapped. So, the blonde guy was involved afterall in the kidnapping. Did I hear a an Islamic prayer in the background when he slashed the pigeons with the knife? O_O

 Finally, the guys who had been eyeing Izaki since day one made their move. They tried to bully her in the locker room, but it turned out to just be the opposite when Izaki threw them one by one to the ground.

I was slightly disappointed in the last 2 episodes frankly because everything was moving so slow. But upon watching this one, it's gaining momentum and the story's progressing faster. Rating:8/10


  1. Hey;D

    I was wondering if you could maybe put reviews of ep 7 as well?
    I used to love this drama so much but after what happened in ep 6 (don't wanna spoil it if other people didn't watch but I mean about Amamiya...:(

    So now I'm not too sure if I should keep watching's still so hard for me to believe that it's true...and it was only episode 6 for god's sake!!*pissed*

    But if I read a review it might change my mind and I'll keep watching it...

    Maido ari~;)

  2. ^ Hi there, i just watched 3 episodes consecutively, ep 4-6 and I know what you mean! I was shocked too! T__T I haven't watched ep7 but will do so soon enough and hopefully, things look brighter or sth to change yours and mine too lolz...


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