Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bull Doctor [ ep 11 Finale]

Bull Doctor wraps up pretty well for its finale. It's somewhat predictable with a show like this but I'm not complaining. I still find myself enjoying most of the show in the midst of an annoying character, Nakura. But the writers give him such a good ending that I can no longer despise him. 


But let's recap the finale. Picking up from where it's left, Oodate and Kamatsuda find the death of the police officer is suspicious, however the villain has manipulated the death certificate, with Nakura's help. It has been decided that it is suicide. However, knowing the nature of Oodate, she tries to persuade the victim's wife for an official autopsy, but in vain. In the end, she resorts to doing something outrageous.

It's funny to watch everyone in the lab anticipating Oodate to do something

Frankly, I never actually thought of what they're going to do, so that comes as a pleasant surprise for me. It's amusing to see Kamatsuda in that suit with a hat, as she poses as the driver of the funeral car. Yup! They steal the body and exchange the hearse.

Kamatsuda looks really really petite and cute in that suit lolz

The rest in the lab decide to help out too in the autopsy. Nice to see that they don't mind breaking the law and help Oodate and also their ex-Chief. I think they all come together as one in the finale which makes it heart-warming. The results from the autopsy supports the suspicion of murder and both Kamatsuda and Oodate visit Jomonji to find Nakura with him too. At this point, viewers are fooled (though it's very obvious during the early parts) that Nakura might be on Jomonji's side. However, this is where Nakura is able to shine and atone for all his *wooden acting* and also pathetic character throughout the show. Just like Oodate call it, he is rather "kakkoi" when he shows the recorder he has been secretly using during his conversations with Jomonji. With that as proof, Jomonji has nowhere to go. 

Of course, now that the case is solved, we're left thinking what will become of both Nakura and Kamatsuda. They're not the typical pair that I'll usually root for. But that's coz I think Kamatsuda deserves someone much better than the self-conscious stuck up Nakura. However, Nakura finally opens up his heart to her after the incident and tears up for the first time. Such vulnerability is rare for someone like him. So that alone...kinda makes me pity him a little. Watching him telling about his mother who ran away with another guy when he was small, making him lose trust on people, Kamatsuda rushes to embrace him. So happy ending for the pair.


What about Oodate and her husband? Well...I still think her husband's hobby in classical theatre is kinda shocking and scary lolz...

Even Oodate is surprised...with her husband's hidden aptitude

Overall thoughts:
Some cases are predictable with overused pattern and Inagaki Goro's wooden acting kinda turn me off a bit. Those aside, it's actually not bad really. I still laugh at both Oodate and Kamatsuda's bickering and antics. It's a pleasure to watch them both interact, I think they both have great chemistry. I'm satisfied with the finale. So my overall rating for the show : 8/10

Just a trivia for fun, something I noticed xD
Kamatsuda and Wakaba (Zenkai Girl) use the same phone from Nti Docomo hehehe, looks like the brand's trying hard to push its product?


  1. there's one particular scene that's bugging me in this episode : when kamatsuda, oodate, and takeda transfer the casket..its impossible to do so for 3 ladies unless they have strength like the mom in korean drama Unstoppable High Kick.

    its fascinating to see how oodate and kamatsuda defer their relationship as kousuke's nakama. they very much like to acknowledge they are bosom friends but i guess their ego got the better of them.

  2. ^ yeah kinda unbelievable for the ladies to do that but since it's a drama ...xD and their ego is the one thing that keeps me amused till the end haha


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