Friday, September 16, 2011

Team Batista 3 [ep 7]

Note: First of all, sorry for the delay in this show, I guess I’ve been focusing on other dramas that I kinda neglected this for a while, plus I have my research that’s  keeping me quite busy. I’ll try to post another 2 episodes tomorrow because it's 1am and my eyes are refusing to function for another 45 mins xD 


So as a recap, Shiratori and Gucchi have in their hands, a case within the hospital with 2 murder victims and 1 suspect. It doesn’t help when the suspect is a doctor from the hospital and also the founder of the AI technology, waiting to be introduced to the whole of Japan. In ep6, they were near to figuring out clues that may help Shimazu from being wrongly accused for the murder of a fellow policeman. What I love about the show is how it unfolds. Everything was quite clearly explained in detail (though there may be some flaw, idk, in real science applications), still I’m quite impressed with how the case is solved by both Shiratori and Gucchi. 

That said, both of them finally figured out who killed Kitayama (or rather, assist in his suicide). I think we’ve all along knew that Usami had to do with it – that guy is obviously suspicious right from the start. But how? That’s the question we asked. This is where the pair comes in. Shiratori and Gucchi makes a really good team, no doubt. Well, I think Shiratori did most of the job though, and Gucchi is just lucky enough to land on certain clues that somehow lights the bulb in Shiratori’s brain and voila! Case solved!


I think the bullet acceleration idea is quite a brilliant one. Would’ve never thought of it. It is kinda gross though when they did the experiment on a watermelon and then you see reddish juice oozing from the hole. Now imagine it on a human eye. Eeewwww….and it is a nice touch for them to incorporate the classical music hint in the show, though I can never differentiate one from the other. However, I think the way they solved the password for access is a bit rushed and unnatural. So then, the recording reveals that Kitayama had ordered Usami to think of a method to kill him (in the most fashionable way) at the MRI room, and making as if it was Shimazu who did it. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to half of his preaching minutes before he died though. I have to admit, the whole screwed up belief that the police force should never apologize to the public when they make a mistake is total BS. Their attempt to make the scene a sad one and at the same time, trying to show how noble of Kitayama to sacrifice his life for the future of the police force, is downright ridiculous. Such a waste of a character. The episode ended with Gucchi shot by Usami, who is actually aiming Shiratori. But Gucchi has to be the hero every single time, doesn't he?

Rating: 8.5/10 - for the scientific applications used to solve the case that amused me, would've been perfect if I understand 100% of the theory though xD

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