Friday, September 16, 2011

Jiu [ep 3-6]

Note: Watched 3 episodes consecutively what a shocking ending in ep 6! As usual, spoilers ahead. 

Just a few words before going into the story. There are quite a few things I’m beginning to notice from recent episodes of Jiu. While initially, I prefer Izaki’s character over Kadokura because she’s tough, rides a bike and insociable while Kadokura is too perfect for me, I’m starting to think otherwise.  Because, they’re trying too hard to make Izaki as this superwoman cop who’s hard-boiled and rugged to the point that it’s overreacting. 

Perhaps, Meisa Kuroki isn’t exactly fit for the character, it’s either that or she’s trying too hard to be one. While I was watching ep4 and 5 where she just burst into anger like a mad dog let loose from a leash, barking nonstop just coz one of the SAT members accidently shot their own during a training, I am convinced that it’s a bit too much to bear. I mean, so she has a dark past, didn’t mean to kill her first lover, but I’m sure she did have a killing instinct back then, but what exactly is the problem with her? It’s like she holds a grudge with the entire world or something. Her character is just too complex and unstable that I no longer wish to really understand her. I just feel easier watching Kadokura, who’s by the way, is actually working on the case and contributing.

Moving onto the case, Kadokura and Azuma find new clues from the kid and are convinced more than ever now that the blonde guy Azuma saw is one of the kidnappers and the murderer of the 3 guys. However, before they can dig out more from the injured villain back in ep 1, he is murdered by the blonde guy at hospital, cutting all of Azuma and Kadokuras' resources. But they get the name though, from him before he died. Jiu.

Jiu another complex character from the where the title of the drama itself is from. He’s homeless, has a liking for pigeons which he killed mercilessly with his blade, and yet, somehow…managed to keep himself so friggin clean? Without a spot of dirt on his pure white clothes. One of course, can always argue that he sends his clothes to dry cleaning perhaps? Since he’s got the ransom money. But a bit too far-fetched.

Meanwhile, what exactly is going on between Izaki and Amamiya, by the way? The sudden bed scene is like totally weird, for some reason? So now there's a soft spot in Izaki, her feminine side? I find her very incomprehensible. But that aside, Amamiya turns out alright I suppose, but I still wonder about his motive at this point (ep 4-5).

Meanwhile, Azuma is quite a delight to watch though. Azuma may be a stubborn boss who is constantly ignored by his other uncooperative team members, I like his antics for example - liking for rich food, high consumption of sugar (which I hope he doesn't get diabetes from), and gentle table manner (just look at the way he eats spaghetti lol). And Kadokura's looking better with her hair longer.

Another kidnapping occurs and Azuma + Kadokura are at their hiding place. SIT and SAT are requested to join forces in the case to save the little girl. And this is where things turn ugly. Fans of Amamiya (Shirota Yu), be prepared for a box of tissues or a napkin nearby as you'll need them.I'm not his fan but I do find that particular scene where he protects the kid till the end is somewhat touching. But before going into that part, just a brief recap of earlier scenes. Azuma tries to save the girl on his own, bad move I'd say. Kadokura could've been of some help, even a little when he is fighting 3 other guys. 3 against one, well...unless you're Izaki, you're in deep shit, Azuma. But too late when he is captured by the kidnappers, one of whom is Jiu. Kadokura then ventures on her own to find the kid, succeeds but halfway through escaping, stumbles into another kidnapper and knocked unconscious. Izaki finds the kidnappers with Azuma, held as hostage now, and miraculously saves him. She ends up rescuing Kadokura, for the second time.

And we're onto the part where you might need tissues, if you like Amamiya. He first encounters Jiu, gets into a struggle with him, but can't seem to tackle him, even with TWO guns, but be reminded that he is already shot on his arm before, so that can justify the pain he has to endure while fighting with Jiu. And before Jiu can finish him off, the other kidnapper appears with the girl and takes over. He asks Amamiya to protect the girl, and he does by taking off his bulletproof jacket and covers it over the girl, crouches over her, and the guy shoots a train of bullets execution style at him. If Amamiya doesn't die from that, I don't know what will kill him. That scene might as well be the highlight of the show so far. While I don't have much thought for Amamiya before, I thought he's just a player (sorry hehe) and has bad motive for getting close to Izaki, but after watching this, I have more respect for him.

But what a waste! Is he supposed to just be gone like that? Is he there just to change Izaki for the better? I mean, what purpose does he actually serve in the show for such a short screentime and period? I'm definitely gonna watch ep 7 just to see if there's even, a glimmer of hope for him to come back. Because really, it doesn't make sense for him to die like that. It does make him heroic though.

Ep 6 is definitely dedicated to Amamiya

Things are getting interesting and with how ep 6 ended, I can say that the show's rather unpredictable and that's exactly what I want from this. Will Amamiya return though? I'll try to get my hands on ep 7 and post a review by this weekend xD
Rating so far: 8.5/10

P.S. The show reminds me of Quartet for a split second, the moment they include Chinese in the show. Don't know why haha...


  1. Thanks for the review again^^
    I love how you manage to make it funny ("One of course, can always argue that he sends his clothes to dry cleaning perhaps?" lmao)

    And I am one of the Amamiya fans that needed the tissues(;p) but I also thought that he really wasn't such a good guy...I always thought that he had his reasons to get close to now I'm not sure about anything.How could they possibly killed him in episode 6?!and he was one of the main characters!!you don't kill a main character in the middle of the drama!!
    I really can't believe that he will actually just be gone and forgotten like this.

    And about Izaki...I agree.It's a little bit unreal how they made her character.
    I mean, I understand how she can no longer trust men for example after what happened with her first love but why hate the entire world?

    Ugh...I really hope it turns out well, if it does, I'll keep watching, if it doesn' thanks:P I had my heart broken by dramas too many times lol

    If you need a link to episode 7 I can give you.
    Can't wait for the next review^^

  2. ^ thanks for sharing your thoughts too hehe...I just got ep7 and will try to post maybe tomorrow xD

  3. Totally agree with you! I'm SO upset when I knew that Amamiya died in episode 6.. I was so excited in watching the show because to me, I really like the chemistry between Shorita Yu (Amamiya) and Kuroki Meisa (Izaki).. I just wish Amamiya didn't die in the story.. :(


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