Friday, September 30, 2011

Soredemo Ikite Yuku [ep 9]

Note: I've been waiting for subs but I'm also trying to do an overall review of the season. And I'm left with Don Quixote and Zettai Reido 2 (both of which I will watch with subs no matter what because investigation dramas use complicated terms beyond my level). As for Soredemo, I guess subtle body languages are quite enough to convey the message through with my limited Japanese.And that's what I love about this show - their acting comes before script/words.

So we were left with Fumiya showing up and struggling with Hiroki's mother until the part where she hit him hard with a stool which broke too easily (lolz) but somehow he didn't stay unconscious for long. As predicted, he got away. As for his father, I find it really heart-breaking for him to actually ask the police to arrest his own son.


You should see the look on Fumiya's step-mother when he showed up *uninvited* at their house. How the hell did he even find out their new home anyway? The shock and suppressed fear, yet she had to remain inconspicuous in front of her daughter, who obviously was frightened by him. I don't want to actually hate Fumiya or anything, but I just found his actions getting worse. For example, putting his family in some sort of house arrest (locked doors coz he was afraid of the police come knocking WTH).

Fumiya really makes me mad in this episode. How dare he actually lamented on how small their house was, and even went on wondering whether their father had been working properly to feed the family? Well unless you have an early amnesia, dude, do you even remember that it all begins when you murdered a child 15 years ago? And now you show up and acting nonchalant about the matter, indifferent about all the misery you've caused to your family? That's screwed up, man.


It's amazing how Fumiya's father stayed as calm as possible when he returned to see his son, shamelessly making himself comfortable at home. He told Fumiya that no matter how long, he shall wait for his return. However all those didn't seem to reach him, and he made a final request to Futaba to follow him. Futaba shook her head and stayed firm with her decision. At the same time, after receiving the message from Futaba, Hiroki rushed to her house. Having seen the murderous look on Hiroki's face, Fumiya wasted no time to escape and Hiroki gave chase.


Watching them fighting, I forgot the fact that Hiroki had a knife with him! He didn't use it. But thank god for that though. We don't want him to end up in jail now do we? Due to a head concussion, Hiroki was unconscious and that again,gave Fumiya a chance to escape. Hiroki then received treatment at Futaba's house.

The news caught Futaba's attention when they showed the victims on television. That was when Futaba found out that the victim actually had a daughter. She then went to meet them at the hospital. I guess there was this line when Futaba helped her fix the torn soft toy that made her decide something in the finale (spoiler yes xD). 

"You're just like mother"


I guess Futaba felt tremendous responsibility for what her brother had caused the victims that made her make that decision (we'll get to that in the finale). She then bought a citrus-like fruit and put it inside Hiroki's car. A huge box for just one fruit? haha...but I find it weird that Hiroki's car isn't locked or anything. Maybe it's safe around there because where I live, we never leave our cars unlocked, even in the house xD

The final scenes showed Futaba having her meal at the place where she first had dinner with Hiroki. I guess she wanted to relive that moment/memories with Hiroki before doing something that may cause her not being able to meet him again. Hiroki realized his knife missing at the car's compartment, which could only mean one thing. Futaba is planning to solve things on her own regarding Fumiya as we see her driving away.

Highlights of the episode:
1. Futaba arguing with her brother at their house (another brilliant performance by Mitsushima Hikari)
2. Hiroki fighting with Fumiya (awesome struggle there because they really gave it their all till the point I was thinking they're gonna really get bruises if they continue any longer)
3. Futaba delivering the fruit to Hiroki ( I find that sweeet!) But can anyone tell me what did she draw on it? I can't figure out the impression ...

Rating: 9/10

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