Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Highschool of the Dead [ep 1 Preview]

Since all 3 anime that I'm following for the season (Hanasaku, Kamisama & Usagi Drop) has reached their finale, I'm out of stuffs to watch, the same goes for dramas because I'm patiently waiting for subtitles so as not to spoil my understanding.

So I was just browsing around and came across this. At first look, it's definitely gory and I was thinking is this some kind of zombie anime? Well it's exactly that. While I'm not going to post reviews for every single episode - I just thought it'd be nice to post some sort of first impression for the show. It really comes across as a potential movie-tie in actually, because when I was watching, I really felt like watching a movie, instead of just an anime.

The good - It's got enough bloody scenes considering the amazing blood splatter (in every direction and style they can possibly do), swift fighting scenes (still minimal in the first episode but I'm sure better ones will come) and the zombie creatures look menacingly surreal. Suspenseful and thrilling. I do feel the panic and terror the students experience especially the scene when they all just scramble blindly to get out of the school.

The bad - These might come off as plus points for the guys but us girls, pleaaseeee noooo....I'm turned off immediately every time they show us pant shots every single chance they can whenever Rei is around. I mean, what's with Japanese and panty shots anyway? I don't get it. And it's really hard not to notice the bouncing boobs which looks like they're gonna fall off anytime for every female character in this. It's rather disturbing to be honest and distracting especially when they're supposed to be fighting for their lives and we get shots like these, making us forget what's really happening for a moment. Like, "Where were we again?" and then I have to refresh my mind. Best to just ignore if you're not into things like these xD


Despite that, I really like the whole atmosphere of the show. I'm waiting for the girl with this blue-ish or was it purple hair who looks like she's gonna kick some asses with her sword? Well, I will continue simply because I'm curious whether there'll be any survivor out of this mess. 

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. The purple haired girl? that'd be Saeko, and trust me however much @$$ you think she will kick later in the series, could never measure up to the amount of dismembered zombies she actually leaves in her wake...


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