Friday, September 30, 2011

Highschool of the Dead [ep 7]

Following the escape from the school using a bus and then abandoning the other evil male teacher, Komuro and the others seek refuge at Shizuka’s friend’s apartment. They soon find out that her friend is not just a normal resident in town, but has to be someone from the elite force when they discover all kinds of weapons in the closet with sufficient ammo. Of course, Hirano, the weaponry genius is in heaven by the time he sees all the guns. I find it amusing that he actually had received training in shooting overseas. I mean, he’s just a highschooler! But that just adds some creativity to the group which consists of kendo student, Saeko, genius – Takagi, school nurse – Shizuka, Hirano, Rei and Korumo himself.


With the apartment, they get to relax for the night and as hentai as this anime goes, we’re bound to get some hot scenes at the bathroom. I guess I have come to grow accustomed to them as I just ignore them and focus on the storyline instead of skimpy clothed girls with bouncing boobs and panty shots. Yes, you get loads of them in this show. If it isn’t for the plot, I wouldn’t have continued watching lol.

This episode brings forth a new character, wait, two actually if you count the little puppy in. Well, a father is seen trying to find a safe place for his daughter as he goes knocking from door to door. But he is ignored and the worst part of all is to watch him getting stabbed by this lunatic man from one of the families who doesn’t want anything to do with him. With him dead, the little girl is all alone and Komuro can’t just stand still and watch her devoured by the zombies. He and Hirano then rescue the girl. Thanks to Hirano’s amazing shooting skillz, Komuro gets to the girl and the puppy before they are hurt.

 The rest of the group get ready to move and meet up with Komuro at the house. With two new members in the group, I hope the little girl can bring a fresh air coz the other girls, seriously…can they please dress properly? Lolz…I mean, the sensei…is she a natural-airhead or what?(look below) Are we having some kind of competition now to see which one dresses the least?

WTH...that's very disturbing to watch...

Hirano's in heaven

Rating: 8/10 - the girl's father is the hero no matter how shortlived he is in it

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