Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soredemo Ikite Yuku [ep 8]

Note: Watched without subs.

Fumiya's father found the farm he worked at but before he got to meet him, Fumiya escaped after knocking the owner's daughter unconscious. Meanwhile, Hiroki and his little brother traveled to find the farm hoping to seek Fumiya. On the way, Hiroki saw someone who looked like Fumiya and chased but lost him after he dropped the knife. Was he really thinking of killing him with it? But wow...that was a really close encounter! They then met Futaba's father on the way trailing an ambulance.
Back at Fumiya's house, Futaba and Hiroki's mother had dinner together. Funny when Futaba answered Udon several times when the mother asked her what she eats at home. A total of 4 times! lol...Futaba then received a call from Fumiya.  She couldn't get him to tell her his whereabouts. Fumiya's final remarks were hinting that he blamed her for what had happened. And then it was muted, so viewers couldn't catch what exactly he told her.

At the hospital, the daughter's condition was pretty bad but the father tried to stay strong and confident. I think the subtle reaction of the father was heart-breaking. Instead of crying, he was troubled because he didn't bring the daughter's pajamas for the night. T_T

Fumiya's father, Hiroki and Kouhei then went to a nearby mart to buy some necessities as well as the pajamas. Hiroki told the father that before his father's death, he did mention how Fumiya might strike again. Hearing that, Fumiya's father replied that it wasn't confirmed yet that Fumiya caused this.

(info given by a friend who watched with chinese subs) - The daughter had gone coma and may never wake up. The father finally broke down. The music playing behind is excellent, it truly conveys this sorrowful atmosphere everytime something like this happened. I can't wait for the soundtrack to be released.

Back at the Futaba's house, both mother and daughter found out about the crime Fumiya might have caused. However, the mother tried convincing the Futaba's younger sister that she shall be able to conitnue schooling and this won't affect her future. She'd protect her no matter what happens. But in the end, she broke down.
Photobucket much more depressing can this episode be? The police came to the hospital to have a look at the victim, and they get to see her EVEN BEFORE the father himself?! Hiroki tried to reason with the doctor but due to the circumstances of it being a suspected crime, his efforts were in vain.

Futaba left Hiroki's house, leaving his mother alone. Of course if she had known what comes next, she wouldn't have left. Fumiya ended at Hiroki's fishing home, assisted by Kouhei's wife who coincidently took the same bus as him. That kind of coincidence was pure bad luck, I''d say.

When Fumiya appeared with Kouhei's wife with the kid, Hiroki's mother tried not to be surprised. But when she got into another room, she trembled in fear. I feel like screaming at the police now!

By the way, how does she know that he is Fumiya? Has she seen him before? 

Futaba reached the hospital just when they were about to depart to the police station. The owner of the farm saw Futaba and couldn't bear his agony and shouted at her father to give his daughter back. What a tormenting moment for both victim and assailant's family.

Hiroki's mother tried to find out Fumiya's real name, when she asked him to write down his name on the registration list. However, he used his other name, Amamiya instead. But even so, Hiroki's mother knew it was him right away and began questioning him. Fumiya told her he didn't recall the past (sth along the lines, my Japanese level is limited) due to his illness (mental illness I presume). But Hiroki's mother then forced him to remember all the crimes he did and how she carried Aki for 9 months etc...she talked more of which I couldn't grasp.

It then escalated to a struggle between the two. I gotta say, that was one really GOOD SLAP Hiroki's mother gave him! However, Fumiya suddenly raged and strangled her. Hiroki's mother told him she will not die until he does. In the end, Fumiya told the mother that Aki was beautiful at the lake. That was all he could remember clearly. wth...Hearing that, she struck him with a nearby stool, knocking him unconscious. Okay, this is where the police should arrive now! I couldn't bear watching Fumiya gets mad again and kill someone else!

Meanwhile, Hiroki drove Futaba back home. Futaba recalled the day Hiroki wondered when will they be able to say "Yatta!" without any hesitation. Did she mention that she thinks that day will never come? But I know she did say she wanted to die after that.

Hiroki then stopped the car and said that if Futaba dies, then he shall die too. He then shouted at her telling her not to die. He did say something else but arghh...I couldn't get it. *I should continue my Japanese lessons lol*

Rating: 9/10

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  1. "By the way, how does she know that he is Fumiya? Has she seen him before?"

    Well, Hiroki and Fumiya were friends before and given the emotional stress due to the murder, one normally didn't forget the face already associated with it.


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