Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 22]

We still don't know who Okaami has in mind for the successor of the inn but suddenly, Takako got so worked up! Waking up the girls and other workers at 4am in the morning, she held meetings in front of sleepyheads. I don't think anyone's listening anyway. And I'm sure one of the reasons is that she's trying to gain confidence and trust from Okaami one way or another.
Ohana got a call from her mother who received the invitation card for her brother's wedding. But her being her, she told Ohana she might not be able to make it. And then somehow, the conversation shifted to the topic of 'crushes'. Having heard that her mother still had some crush on her father, she realized what she'd been missing all this time.

Meanwhile, Ohana tried her hands in making a wedding gown for Takako. I have long underestimated her abilities so, now I take it back. How did she make a full length gown anyway?!
Since Yuina thought that wearing a dress this early would somehow cause her marry old, they asked Nakochi to try it on. Her bust were to HUGE to FIT THE DRESS!!! lol... So then they decided to ask Minko. But that night, Minko was in a terrible mood when Tohru refused her assistance in the kitchen.
Minko then vented her anger towards Nakochi, and of course, the dress. Ohana tried to reason with her but they ended up fighting all over again. Minko told her to just accept Tohru while Ohana had made up her mind to have a crush on Kou-chan.

A crush on Kou-chan? No, thank you...ever since the cross-dressing before, I have never looked at him the same way. But hey! Who's complaining if Ohana finally realized her mistake?
Photobucket'd wonder when this Minko-Tohru-Ohana fight is ever going to end

But it did! Well, Tohru heard everything, including the part where Minko praised him and etc...Minko couldn't bear the embarrassing moment any longer and rushed to the nearby jinja. There, Tohru explained that he did have feelings for Ohana, but never thought of wanting more than just watching her coming up with surprises every now and then. As for Minko, he does worry about her too but no feelings of any kind. Minko then burst into tears upon hearing that. Well, out of happiness...finally...finally....finally...everything is cleared. I still want Tohru to be with Minko though. However, there were times I find Minko can be a really irrational person.

Things got better again between Tohru and Ohana.

Tohru looked pretty though in the dress ...

The wedding finally took place peacefully without any hitch. It has just occured to me that the gown had been worn by 2 girls before the actual bride. hehe


Denroku got the bouquet instead!
The only hitch for the night was the transformation forced on Denroku lol, trying to impersonate Takako.

my goodness...

In the final scene, it was revealed that Okaami decided to close the inn during the Bonbori Festival. Okay, so now here's my turn. WHAT?! Close the inn? Umm...her son was that unreliable that she had to close down the inn, once and for all? Another cliffhanger. Rating: 8.5/10

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