Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi wa Mata Noboru [ep 6]

After being disappointed to the max by ep 5's plot, I'm hoping this one will do better. 

Summary: The boys were trained in physical combat this time around and such a shame not one of them could even tackle Tono down. Meanwhile, the case continued from last week's cliffhanger when Natsumi were deliberately let to escape from the hospital. The police did so that they can lure Anzai out when Nastumi makes contact with him. Which happened just as they predicted when a local police found them both at the seaside.

However, Anzai managed to escape thanks to the lousy cop who couldn't even fight properly. Sighhh...Anzai gave him a blow in the head using a nearby branch and fled with Natsumi, and it all started all over again. The police lost him and diverted their attention to Tono instead.

Back at the academy, Minosawa asked the Chief regarding the cafe owner's husband who was a police officer, died on duty. The person who murdered him was Anzai Yuya, the man on the run with Natsumi, Tono's wife. However, the Chief insisted that she not tell Tono about it. This left her with a troubled heart.

Tono was then brought to the station for interrogation. He was seen by the boys being led into the police car, so they thought that he had done some crime. But the Assistant told them to not worry. At the interrogation room, Tono's friend couldn't get anything out of him regarding Tono's wife. Tono told him his wife never mentioned anything about Anzai before even though both Anzai and his wife were from the same hometown. Tono then recalled his first interrogation where his senior scolded him for being soft-hearted. He then endured 10 hours just to get the criminal's name and got him arrested. Now that he thinks back, he wondered if the man's family was victimized because of what he had done and that he probably wouldn't have committed suicide. 

"I was afraid to know the truth"- Tono

Tono confessed that he never asked his wife anything about Anzai and the same as Natsumi never mentioned him even once. Miyata questioned Yuhara whether he knew something about Tono's wife. Yuhara then told him that he overheard Tono speaking to the Assistant back in the mountains. Miyata, as usual, wondered if they could do anything to help, but Yuhara being the sensible one, said that they shouldn't pry into his private life issues. But Miyata disagreed because Tono's their Kyoukan.
And wow...what a change of heart for Minosawa lol. She met Tono who was leaving the police station.
She mentioned that she doesn't care what kind of trouble his wife had gotten herself into, but as Tono's Chief, she shall protect him. Tono then received a call from his assistant to meet at SUN for a report. After that, Minosawa found herself blabbering about how much she likes summer lol...Tono commented that it was rare to have her talking about things aside from work.
Tono found from the assistant that the boys were worried about him. The assistant then went on speaking of how he also wanted to be of any help to him. Suddenly, Minosawa appeared and joined them. I'm sure she was there deliberately to make sure Tono wouldn't find anything about the police officer who got murdered by Anzai. 
Miyata tried calling Tono about his sudden departure from class but Tono brushed him away saying he had no intention on telling them anything. The next day, interrogation lesson continued and Tono directed Miyata to act as the interrogator while he became the suspect. Tono ended up telling him the truth.

Tono arresting Anzai in the past, in front of Natsumi who is Anzai's childhood friend

After an appaling previous episode, this one is such a delight to watch! It is definitely because of lesser screentime of the boys, and the focus on Tono's case. I find myself having a hard time swallowing the immaturity of the boys so when they give us more Tono and the grown-ups, I'm eternally grateful for that.The development regarding Anzai was a good move because frankly, I couldn;t bear another episode wondering what crime he committed in the past that led the police scurrying around like hounds for him.
Rating: 8/10

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