Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou [ep 11-12 End]

I finally finished Kamisama! And what a finale- touched me so much. Well I didn’t shed any tear but that last scene, that revelation is so good.


Bit by bit the clues they find regarding Ayaka’s reason to jump are pretty intense. Never would’ve thought that Toshi is using his own sister to grow flowers for the ingredients of the drugs. Narumi’s outburst of anger towards Toshi in the end, watching him punch him continuously is kinda depressing. For Narumi to lay his fist on someone else, it has to be something really important for him. And Ayaka is a dear friend, maybe even more than just a friend and man…I really feel for him!


The final case is a good closure for the anime. I just never thought it’d actually involve Ayaka this much. But that’s what makes it even more exciting. Not to mention that Ayaka is forced to take the drugs that night just before she jumped. So she is under the influence of the drugs for jumping…but that’s not all. The final revelation makes the finale even more meaningful for some reason I can’t really describe. So after the case is solved and Angel Fix (the drug) is wiped out of the town, Ayaka stays in a coma. 


Then one day, Alice takes Narumi up to the top of the roof at school to witness something. When the sun rises, the long-headed poppy Ayaka has planted on the rooftop blooms into the exact same pattern Narumi has designed for the club. Alice explains that even though Ayaka might be drugged that very night, she still remembers Narumi and how the place is important for both of them – she jumped from there to stop the event from taking place at the rooftop. Watching that final scene melts my heart and it looks like Ayaka wakes up finally! One thing the show needs now is a happy ending and Ayaka definitely deserves to live her life again together with Narumi, just like how they started off in the first episode. I guess I’ll miss this show T_T

Overall rating: 8.5/10


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