Monday, September 26, 2011

Don Quixote [ep 10]

Another episode to go before the end. I’m itching to know whether Sabashima and Shirota will have their own bodies back in the finale xD Before that, I’m happy that we get to see more of Shirota (in Sabashima’s body) this time. He finds himself in a debate with Ajisawa who sends the duel letter to challenge him. Naturally Shirota is scared to bits but with Sabashima’s encouraging words (eyeroll), he attends the debate with packed confidence only to find that the only encouraging words Sabashima writes him are the usual 3 words “Gans dong Zedong….” Whatever that means! So in the end, Shirota blurts about lizards and his favourite things instead of really answering the questions asked. It results in a severe impact on Sabashima’s online ratings. Who knew yakuza nowadays are so high tech?

Shirota can’t take the pressure any longer and finally runs away. Sabashima finds him and they both get into a heated quarrel causing Sabashima to take a bold step – resign from the welfare. However, he is given a final task before quitting for good. He is to choose the best parents out of 3 choices for this kid he helped before he works at the center (basically only Shirota himself will know). Thinking that the task is easy, he takes it but it turns out to be real tough when he contemplates for days on who to choose among the 3.


On the other hand, Shirota finally understands the real reason why Sabashima wants to be President. It’s a heart-warming twist imo for the writers to give both Yasu and Ken some meaningful story. Thanks to Ayumi, Shirota finds out that Sabashima rescues both Yasu and Ken from the streets and take them in as family. Since then, he dreams of becoming President so that he can give them both their own groups, basically ensuring them their future – even if it means being yakuza leaders xD


The stubborn Sabashima gives up in the end and tells the Chief he can’t choose because he’s not sure which one of the parents will provide the kid with a great loving family down the road. Okay, this is one of the parts in the episode which I find a bit odd. Why can’t he choose? Sure he’s right when he says that in 20 or 30 years time, he can’t be sure which one will guarantee the kid’s future? And then the Chief nods in agreement and she said leave it to them to choose/deal with? So does this mean they know better than him? I thought that since none of them knows which one is the best means anyone of the parents would do (since they’re all portrayed to be good anyway). I can’t find the justification to how the case ends…but that aside, Sabashima pleads silently to the Chief to let him stay longer. The Chief then takes his letter out and tells him he misspells the word, so there’s no way she can accept it. LOL as we can expect from Sabashima and his vocabulary.

So that is solved but what about Shirota and the yakuza? Well, following Sabashima’s famous motto, he uses the 3 words to the fullest and somehow, miraculously manages to touch everyone at the manifesto gathering – which is kinda beyond me. I still don’t get the power of the motto xD

We get a side story too involving Sachiko and her fellow friend. I wonder why he has to leave anyway? Won't it be nice to just have him around till the end? I can only see the writers' purpose to get rid of him as to give Sachiko a chance to develop her character further. How? Probably by making her realize her feelings for him? But there's a catch - it's not the same way as he feels about her. So having him leave is basically so that Sachiko appreciates his existence? 


Still the episode is nicely written, I love the flashbacks and having Yasu and Ken as the main reason Sabashima aims for President is quite touching. Other than the two poorly explained incidents above, I guess as viewers we’re to accept them as given. At least they’re not exactly absurd till I can’t appreciate the show. The preview for the finale looks rather promising and filled with action/drama. So let’s hope they’re able to deliver as well as they did over the past 10 episodes. Don Quixote has been quite satisfying so far and consistent in delivering its plot, the finale should be fine, I hope.

Rating: 8.5/10

Surprisingly Yasu and Ken plays a major role in encouraging Sabashima to aim for President

Sabashima trying to get his job back xDD

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