Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 26 End]

Why is that it’s the finale that moves me the most? Lolz…well, if you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting the last few episodes for Hanasaku, basically because I don’t feel like it. The previous episodes haven’t been that much interesting or enough to make me compelled to post about but having watched the finale, I know I must somehow put an ending note for the show. 

To recap, Sui is determined to close Kissuiso so matter what the rest of her family or members of Kissuiso say. In fact, I respect her for that kind of tough decision, considering how the inn is practically her dream and watching it heading toward a different direction and losing its initial aim is not what she wants. And her son is still not prepared to take on the huge task, even if all of them put in their all efforts and energy to make it work. If the leader is not ready, then there’s no point. So I see why she insists on closing it down.


Thanks to the finale, I also realize the importance or the significance of having the Bonbori Festival and why Sui herself want them to attend it so much. The festival reminds one of his/her own dreams, whatever they may be. All of them are given plagues and they’ll write their dreams or wishes on it. It’s a good move for Sui to involve all of them for the festival in the midst of the hectic lifestyle back in Kissuiso. It gives them the chance to relax, stop whatever they’re doing, and think of what they really want in life. I was wondering earlier why is it that Sui is being so stubborn about everyone attending the festival. Now I know and appreciate that. Ohana finally knows what she wants – To be Sui Shijima (her grandmother)…it’s simple but it shows that she wants to be like Sui, one who can look up in pride with all of what she has done. It later comes as no surprise that she wishes to return to Kissuiso someday and work again. She also confesses to Ko at the festival lol…it’s about time, Ohana. As for Enishi, he also realizes that he’s not yet ready to take over Sui’s place and decides to close Kissuiso, but only temporary until he is ready to run it again in the future. 


 So they really close down Kissuiso, the heart of the show itself. A place of various memories for all of them and definitely us viewers too. But I don’t see the closing down as the end, it’s more like a new beginning for all of them as they venture to different paths but one day, return to Kissuiso again when it reopens. As for Ohana, she returns to Tokyo with her mother and life is like before but this time, she has a clear mind of what she wants, as opposed to her past-self who is doubtful most of the time. 

Glad to know Tohru isn't being jealous over Ko's visit to Kissuiso

Is that a sushi pillow Minchi is holding? She really takes her dream career very seriously!

Wow…this is a long anime, I mean, it’s got 26 episodes! And surprisingly, I watched till the end, with no regrets. Hanasaku may not be delivering consistently plotwise and may be draggy for some, but it’s still a good watch, especially the beautiful graphics. And the finale – great! The ending theme is worth mentioning because it’s one of the main reasons I find the final scenes amazing. The song, Yumeji by Nano.Ripe fits perfectly in the ending - the guitar riffs rock! To sum it all up, I'm satisfied with the show. I'd recommend it to those who likes a relaxing anime, pretty artwork laced with comedy. I really like the message it's trying to get across in the ending.

Overall rating: 9.0/10 - would've gotten 8.5 only if not for the ending theme that adds to the effect, I'm easily influenced by music xD


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