Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou [ep 10]

I’m glad I didn’t give up on this anime. Well, considering how I’m engaged with dramas and other things called ‘life’, I was thinking should I stop watching, not to say it’s bad, actually I find myself rather immersed in it. It’s just that sometimes I have to find the mood and time to sit down and watch something without being distracted. But boy am I glad I didn’t stop halfway! This episode kinda just gave me a shock right at the very end, which I never saw coming and never thought would happen.

But before that, let’s recap…Ayaka’s long lost brother finally appears around the neighbourhood and god knows why nobody is bothered to find or keep him around back then. I mean, normally if someone close or your very own brother is gone for so long, one of the normal things is to do a police report right? Well as far as that’s concerned, I don’t think Ayaka did or her family did so the estranged brother is left wandering on his own. But I do pity Ayaka for not knowing that her beloved brother is actually a junkie all this while, when everybody else knows. To think that a stranger like Narumi knows more about her own brother – definitely heart-breaking.

The case this time revolves none other than the new drug in town, which has cost lives. Apparently, Toshi (Ayaka’s brother) is also using it, as witnessed by Narumi. Narumi’s only job or task is to keep it a secret from Ayaka, which proves to be real tough considering how Narumi’s nature isn’t to lie to someone else. However, to preserve Ayaka’s happiness, he does exactly that, but I’m sure Ayaka sees through him right from the start.

A month passed and Alice’s NEET group is still not making much progress in the case – I wonder what takes them so long this time. And during that course of time, Ayaka and Narumi goes on dwelling with their normal lives/daily activities/gardening club until one day they are told by a teacher to clear off the rooftop coz they need to use it for some function. And this is also the time when Ayaka overhears the group members discussing about the case, mentioning Toshi’s name.


This brings us to the ending of the episode – a shadow of a person fell down OR jump from the school rooftop. I’m still trying to figure out Ayaka’s motive if she actually jumps on her own accord, committing suicide doesn’t seem to be her characteristic, at least not to me. The news of her brother being a junkie hit her too hard that she has to blame everything on herself? Sure, her brother mentions how she can be annoying (is that the reason he leaves home?), it doesn’t make sense for her to end her life. What’s more dramatic is she lands on the bed of flowers, which is kinda symbolic, but how? This episode gives me the kind of lingering shock that I need to continue watching just to see if Ayaka is dead or not in the next episode. Because she’s definitely the last person in my mind to die off like that.

Rating: 9/10

How I wish my former clubs have tags as awesome as this...

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