Monday, September 26, 2011

Don Quixote [ep 9]

They finally incorporated the Don Quixote story into the show for this episode. The center is organizing a play for the kids and thinking that it’d be fun, well…at least better than having to clean someone else’s house (a single father), Sabashima decides to assist in the play. Meanwhile, the Ajisawa group (Sabashima’s competitor) mistakes his and Shirota’s relationship after having followed them for a while. I don’t find it surprising when they think both of them are gay partners lolz…It’s quite hilarious really. But anyone would think so after watching how they interact and what’s with the two of them constantly meeting each other at Shirota’s apartment haha.

Sabashima becomes more attracted in the Don Quixote story that he decides to become Don himself after being convinced none of the kids are good enough to take the main role. As usual, he pushes the script/paper work or anything related to technology to Shirota who has to write the script for him back at his own place, much to his wife’s surprise watching her yakuza husband typing away happily on the laptop.


The guest child this time around is not a new face to those of us who have watched dramas like Shiroi Haru or Hagane no Onna. I quite like her (Ohashi Nozomi) in Shiroi Haru especially her great chemistry with fellow co-star, Abe Hiroshi . Though I can understand how her character can’t be fully developed just in a 45 min episode, I still find it a bit of a waste for a talent like her to be underused. I mean…having her to act as the TREE in the play? LOL…but they did give her one of the best lines at the end which ironically is supposed to be Sabashima’s lines when he forgets them xDD The tree finally steals the limelight from the main character haha.


The episode isn’t as funny as before, but Sabashima’s usual antics and his ignorance/lack of sensitivity toward the surrounding people has never failed to amuse me. And not to mention the cosiness between him and Shirota! No wonder they’re giving the wrong signal to the Ajisawa people. Another two episodes before I end this drama. Hopefully in 2 days time I can finish posting about this show and give a final review of the season.  

Rating: 8/10

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