Friday, September 16, 2011

Team Batista 3 [ep 8-9]

Leaving us viewers with a cliffhanger last episode when Gucchi was shot, no worries there. He needs to live since it’s only 6 episodes, and I don’t think I can stand watching Shiratori weeping throughout the rest of the episodes for Gucchi. So Shimazu is released. I’ve come to like him a lot in recent episodes. I used to hate his character, but his somewhat nonchalant and indifferent attitude makes Shimazu all the more interesting. And indeed, the great surprise is he’s actually Matsusaki’s son. What a twist there. And he shows his more humane side when he confesses that he can’t meet his father anymore after cutting all ties with him since the incident. Sasai sensei takes the opportunity to apologize for what her father has done that causes the misery to befall Matsusaki’s family and advises Shimazu (real name, Goro), to not waste the chance to meet his father when he’s still alive. Surprisingly, Shimazu really takes the advice and we see him apologizing to his father at the end of ep 8.


Usami, still on the run makes a call to Ikaruga, who asks him to come back. But Usami has a plan of his own and insists that it is not over. Ikaruga agrees and tells him they should not waste Kitayama’s death. Later that night, a girl is murdered and I won’t be surprised if the police actually has something to do with it. Actually, I have practically lost all confidence in the police force in this show.


When the results of the autopsy show that the girl’s death is a natural one, Sasai sensei is not convinced and does her own autopsy, without permission, but nobody’s complaining, I’m not, if she’s going to contribute to the case, which is exactly the case. She finds new clues, and that the killing method is too similar to the case 20 years ago. She also discovers another point that shows that the murderer can be someone who is psychologically unstable and has the pleasure of strangling his victims, and then reviving them. A pleasure killer. But when Shiratori, Gucchi and Sasai try to talk to Matsusaki, they find him dead in his house. Died of the long-existing  liver failure. The episode ends with them spotting Usami nearby his house but fail to chase after him.

Who in the world would ride a bicycle at night ALONE? Jeezz...some people just need to be realize sometimes, it's not bad luck but you're the one inviting murderers...

Great story so far. I have nothing much to complain really, except for the ridiculous and appalling self-righteousness of the police and how they are presented in the show. Ikaruga is definitely convincing enough for me to despise him, a lot, in this show but that means he’s doing his job right. Usami resembles a mad man trying to find justice and at times I pity him for being used. However, the guy needs medical attention, really. Overall, up until now, the show still leaves a lot of questions to be answered. It’s vague and anything can happen till the last minute and I’m anticipating xD

Ratings so far: 8.5/10
Usami in killing mode

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