Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IS - Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei [ep 9]

Note: Without subs but will try my best to recap the main events in this episode. ^_^

In last week's episode, Haru finally got a letter from an anonymous person. He was elated to receive such acceptance from the public, even though it was only one. So everyday he'll go to the box and see if anyone's written anything to inquire more about IS.

The episode begins with him running across the hall, clutching a bag. She runs up the stairs to the rooftop and begins to change but he feels someone is behind, watching. Coincidentally, Kenji is lying on the bench when he hears someone comes through the door. He realizes it's Haru and quickly turns around. He then awkwardly apologizes. Haru does the same.

Kenji asks if he has nowhere to change and then tells him that there was a club's room he can use (I don't know which club he is talking about, basically I think he's trying to help by telling him a place he could change clothes, without having to escape to the rooftop).


The scene cuts to Miwa's room. She slides out of her dress and stands in front of the mirror, as she listens to Haru's voicemail. Haru's telling her about the inquiry box and that she has received a letter from someone who understands. Meanwhile, Haru decides to make a cake for the person who writes to him. His father wants to help but he insists that he makes it himself because it's important for him.

The next day, he happily walks to the place where he puts the inquiry box, holding the cupcake (I presume) that he made the night before. I think he wants to thank the person who wrote the letter. However, the box is ruined with garbage inside and words like "disgusting" written over it.

At Miwa's house, she watches her mother sitting at the dining table. Her mother suddenly holds her arms tightly and apologizes for doing terrible things to her before. Miwa brushes it off and tells her that for now, she'll do the household chores.

You know...the moment I saw Miwa's mother at the dining table, I was kinda terrified lol...Because whenever she's around, horrible things happen. She should be in the hospital longer! Besides, looking from the way she presses on Miwa's arm so tightly that her fingernails dig into her skin, I'm certain she's still not well.
Back in school, Haru's first three friends still can't seem to communicate or accept Haru as before. They were such a lovely bunch before! Seeing how they avoid Haru at school really aches my heart.

Moving on to Kenji's arc, he finds out about his mother when he receives a call. So his mother still actually keeps in contact with his father. From the call, it is revealed that his mother has asked for financial help from his father (remember in the previous epi, there was once Kenji's father received a call - so that was actually the mother!). It seems that Aoi (Kenji's sister) is admitted to the hospital again and so the she asked for the final help. When Kenji confronts his father regarding the matter, the father tells him that he just gave them money but didn't meet them (I think).

Miwa pays a visit to Haru's house to meet his mother. She tells her that she can't meet Haru,because she doesn't what kind of expression to give her. She then goes on saying how Haru has people who understands him, receiving reply from people, unlike her, helpless and not as strong-willed...then Haru's mother reveals that in the past, she did try to commit suicide with Haru. Haru also stopped receiving replies and that though the family understands him, it is painful for him outside (as the public may not be as welcoming). They're not as strong as Miwa thinks. She shows Miwa the information paper Haru made and tells her that Haru is waiting for her. 


Back home, Miwa tells her mother that although she may be hurt being an IS, she'll move forward. She'll live on being a girl. Before this, she thought being a normal girl would be impossible for her that was why she gave up. But she won't give up anymore. From now on, she'll live each day as a girl, fall in love someday and get married. She wishes for that kind of happiness. Her mother then bursts into tears, saying that Miwa finally understands. However, Miwa is still considering about the operation. The mother disagrees by saying that without it, she won't be perfect.

Arrghhh...why is at always like this? The mother always screws up the moment! Things are running smoothly for Miwa, she finally finds her strength and knows what she wants in life after being trapped for so long, and now the mother ruins everything again. 
 Miwa rushes to get a scissor and cuts off her hair. She recalls Haru's words as she cuts and finally, she tells her mother that this is who she is. Even though she may not be perfect, she'll show her that she'll find happiness. I really am happy for Miwa during this scene, I think she's not afraid of anything anymore. She's been there once, she'll get through any hurdles she faces in the future.

There's this piano version of the opening theme song! It was playing during these two scenes...and it's amazing! I can't wait for the soundtrack xDD 

At school, things turn ugly when Haru finds his box, on the ground, smashed. He then broke into a fight with the three guys who did it.Show them what you've' got Haru! But seriously, 3 against one? Unfair! But LOL he did give one of the students that kick underneath- spot on! HAHA... The teachers come just in time to stop the fight before it gets worse.

I half wish Haru would transform into the mean Manami in LIFE and kick the guys' butt. 

The next scene shows him and Leon at the park. Leon helps him peel off the plaster on his arm. Haru mentions about that kick he managed to do before the teachers broke them up. Leon grimaces hearing that. Haru then mentions that he begins to wonder for what purpose he confessed about IS to everyone. Leon, as usual...brightens him up by hitting him playfully.

The new style really fits her, looks so much better!

The next day, Haru meets Miwa on the way to school and is shocked to see her new hair. Miwa then tells him what happened. Haru tells her that what she did is really cool. He finally says "Okaeri" to Miwa. SUPER SWEET!~Yay things are looking up xD
They make a new box, this time, out of wood. Haru can't seem to saw it properly and Miwa jokes that he is clumsy. Then, Usami appears and helps them. She takes over and saw the wood perfectly. Both Haru and Miwa are impressed with her skills and Usami reveals that she has 4 brothers at home. (Did I hear that properly? lol..so that explains her behaviour hehe). And FINALLY...the other 3 girls ask if they can also help. Haru thanks them and they become friends again. ^^

On the way back, Miwa sees Leon, waving at her from afar. At first she thought that he hears from Haru about her return to school, but Leon tells her that he actually waits everyday. Miwa thanks him for doing so. Leon musters his courage and asks her out on a date, showing her tickets to (I think) planetarium? Something to do with space anyway. Miwa is a bit reluctant but says that it's not because she doesn't want to....but before she can explain further, Leon celebrates with joy. I think Miwa is reluctant because she knows Leon still doesn't know the truth about her and she may be feeling guilty.

There is this short scene showing the teachers that I dislike. Still do. Basically, the female teacher watches the girls and Haru making the new box and says it's a pity. However, the male teacher disagrees. Looks like he has some kind of plan...evil definitely.

Back in school, Haru receives another letter. He sees a drop of water on it and thinks that whoever writes it may still be nearby since it had only started raining. He then rushes back to the corridor and sees Kenji walking along. The letter basically goes something like "Sorry for not replying in a while. I'm happy to be able to talk with you again....(I can't get the final two sentences T_T) Massugu ni jibun dashite ikiru" (Live on straight/true to yourself?)

But anyways, Haru narrates that although he wishes everyone in school will come to understand, the person he wants most to do so is Kenji.  


Look at Leon's face! I wanna hug him...

Leon and Miwa goes out together and he wonders it'd have been better if they are dating. Miwa tells him suddenly that she has something to say. She confesses that she is IS, just like Haru. She explains that she needs to tell him the truth because he is a good person. She thanks him for everything he has done and she was really happy. Having said that, she dashes off, leaving a dumbfounded Leon.

Miwa goes back to an empty house and finds a divorce letter (I presume) on the table. She leaves a voicemail to her father asking where her mother went. Meanwhile, at school, Kenji is glad to receive a reply from Haru. However, he's surprised that Haru already knows it is him who writes those letters when Haru addresses by his name.

"Ibuki Kenji sama, thank you for the letter. I am very happy. I was supported by your letters but please stop already.....sth sth...if anyone knows that you wrote them, it'll bring trouble to you. I'm fine already....sth...I'm glad of your kindness. You are my most precious friend."(sorry for the missing lines)


Haru walks into Kenji at achool and he says that his kindness that Haru mentions isn't like what he thinks it is. He goes on explaining the past to him, about how he was embarrassed of his sister (wait...did i hear him call the sister as Aniki? Isn't that brother? Did I hear wrongly or get the word wrongly?) He puts the blame in himself but Haru replies, saying that he is honest. He knows what he hates, what he is scared of. If someone doesn't know what he/she is afraid of, they can't be strong. He then asks if Kenji would be his friend from now on. Haru leaves before Kenji could say anything, and he wonders if it's really his true feeling to be friends with Kenji, on his way home.

Miwa's mother seems to have left the house, she's seen walking alone on the roadside as Miwa browses through the photo album from when she is little. Kenji is seen crying in his room. Not sure if he's reminiscing about his past or about Haru's request earlier. The scene ends with he school staffs holding a meeting to discuss about Haru's situation. By the look of it, doesn't sound good. 

Another remarkable episode! I am most proud of Miwa in this one because she finally finds her strength and will to live the way she wants. The scene where she chops off her hair is awesome! And yet, very touching at the same time. You can feel how much pain she had endured and now she just wants it over with and starts anew. The part she tells Leon the truth, another hard one to bear. I don't know why but I find her confession to Leon more touching and powerful that Haru's confession over the microphone at school. I think it's because of the face-to-face kind of confession that makes Miwa's more close to heart. But if last week's episode was where Haru shines as a character, then this one is Miwa's turn. Her new hairstyle really brings forth a fresh, youthful and radiant look for her. I prefer this one than the longer version. She looks like a character straight from the manga itself lolz...totally similar. About Kenji, aww...I think he wishes to advance further with Haru but what a heartbreaker for him to ask him to be a friend. I find this show unpredictable. Okay, so maybe the manga is there for everyone to read but for those who didn't read or didn't finish it (like me), I find it hard to somehow predict what's going to happen next. That's what's great about the show though. Like we don't know whether Miwa will end up with Leon or not, or Haru with Kenji - even if they don't, I want Miwa and Haru find happiness! They deserve it more than anybody in there! They've come a long way. 

By the way, does it look like it's the finale next week? It doesn't feel like it to me. So here's to hoping for 11 episodes! Yay! Pheww...this took me quite a while to finish. But for a drama I love this much, it's worth the time spent. Sorry though if there are some parts I couldn't understand. Hope it helps though, even a little. xDD

Rating: 9.5/10 
No kidding, it's really getting better and better.


  1. Thanks for the review again^^

    About the 2 sentences of the letter...it says " I'm happy to be able to talk with you again...I was always watching you even when I wasn't writing to you.How you live like/true to yourself (Massugu ni jibun rashiku ikiru)."

    Hope you don't mind I'm correcting you^^;

    Iyaa it was a great episode^^I'm so proud of Miwa how she told Leon the truth^^...even jealous:P

    And...unfortunately, next week IS the last episode:/ It said so in the preview...最終話.
    So sad when a good drama ends:/

    And thanks for the review again, I'm always waiting to read them^^


  2. @nottoday - thanks a lot for the translation, no I don't mind any correction at all since my japanese is limited haha!

    oh really? next week's the last awww...T__T I can't read japanese kanji and chinese characters (even though I'm chinese myself lol) will miss the show dearly though after it ends.

    and thanks for reading hehe ^_^ people like you makes me wanna continue writing xD

  3. I finally understand why Miwa cuts her hair. In the opening sequence, they showed her in her short hair and I thought it was weird because I thought she had long hair in the drama. But now I understand.

    I am worried about that whole school staff meeting and it looks like it's something that might go against Haru. I don't want that happen. Haru has already gone through enough hardships. I hope that the last episode will at least have a happy ending.

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  5. Kenji found out his sister has a disease something like autism only worse a helpless person in a wheelchair unable to interact with anyone just sits there with a blank face he almost killed her when they were young the disease is spoken in Japanese words


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