Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 23]

Kissuiso is closing down?!

But not to be afraid! The new-in-law is here to rescue. I wonder why Takako’s getting all hyped. Well, the inn she is hoping to inherit is on the verge of shutting down. Basically, she SHOULD be worried sick because she’s going to lose her source of income and marrying a guy with nothing left. Not even a house to live in!
I shall go to Tokyo and  bring back the money you were cheated from, dear!

Ohana is wondering what to do next if the inn really closes down. She points out that Minchi and Tohru shouldn’t have any problem with their skills. As for Minchi, she has always known what she wanted to be. When Takako tells Okaami she’s going to Tokyo, Okaami suggests that Ohana follows her and meets with her mother to talk things through about her plan. However, she is to come back 2 days later for the Bonbori Festival, the grandest ever in the town. Before leaving, Nako encourages her to see Kou-chan.
Couple cups? HAHA

Ohana’s mother stumbles into Kou-chan by chance at the bookstore and over lunch, they talk about Ohana. Her mother implies that she can’t ignore the fact that her daughter has been dumped by him. Was Ohana dumped by him? When did they even get together as a couple? Last time I checked, Ohana decides on her own to leave him…poor Kou-chan.
During the journey to Tokyo, Ohana and her aunty-in-law (lol…that’s old), have a pretty intimate chat. Takako hits bullseye by pointing out that Ohana first came to Kissuiso to kill time until her mother comes back again. Initially in denial,Ohana nearly bursts into tears. But she knows the words ring true, except Kou-chan isn't her boyfriend.

Ohana finds out later that Takako is actually meeting her mother as she has information about the con-artist aka. producer who cheated their money before. They then went up the tower and sees the producer. Takako chases after him and asks Ohana to watch the elevator.

Watchy...helevator? LMAO...Ohana, you need to brush up your Eigo!~ Funny though...

Give it all up to Takako for saving the day! Where does she get all the strength to flip such a plump man? Ohana's mother doesn't show up when she is supposed to meet them there, instead she brings Kou back to her office. There, they watch the recording tape left from the filming that took place before. Seeing the place Ohana works and how she is doing, makes Kou to believe in their possibilities again. The episode ends with him walking on the cross bridge and he sees Ohana appearing at the opposite end.

The show is beginning to drag a bit again. Actually I’m expecting them to conclude whether Kissuiso is going to shut down after all by the end of the episode, instead we are given Ohana-Kou’s arc that is still going nowhere. Yes, there’s a glimpse of hope that Ohana will confess to Kou or the other way round this time, but it’s moving too slow! The only saving grace of the episode is Takako’s heroic act. That is amusing at least. That said, I hope we get to know the fate of Kissuiso in the coming episode. Rating: 7.5/10

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