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Zettai Reido 2 [ep 10]

Note: Didn't post much on ZR2 because the cases are all episodic until these last few episodes that will build up to the grand finale. The thing about ZR2 is that we don't get to see much character development, except maybe for Sakuragi and a bit of Takagi only. I'll get to that later.

I didn't watch the Special that aired before Season2 but from what I know is that Tsukamoto was killed by one suspect named Hatekiyama Akiko who they've been continuously trying to capture throughout the show, while solving different cases. Then now, they find out that the cases are all actually interrelated and there is one mastermind behind them - a genius hacker who manipulates data and of course, people's lives to get what he wants.

From last episode, Akiko finally hands herself to the police and will only talk to Sakuragi alone. So Sakuragi has the responsibility to communicate with her as the others continue investigating according to the clues Akiko gives. She reveals that the mastermind is Kohata, someone she trusted before until she found out that he has been using her.

Sakuragi has grown a lot finally toward the end

However, catching Kohata seems to be mission impossible when the guy's like a wandering ghost, appearing only when he wants to and never shows his face. The people he deals with never knows his real identity either, which makes it all the more difficult to get close to him. There's even this brief scene when he infiltrates into the police building using a fake police badge/identity and shares the same lift with the Chief and Takamine. So close yet so far?!


With the minister being kidnapped, they are clearly racing against time before the Summit is held. Because by then, the kidnappers will reveal all the bad things the Minister has done with the development of some lycine gas plant - which the police find out that there have been rumors the plant is releasing some toxic, causing the locals to have lung disease. Though not proven, the locals are quick to believe it including, perhaps, the kidnappers whose motive is to close down the plant. It all fits perfectly if Kohata is behind this when he spread the rumors among the towns people.

Just noticed they use the same laptop I'm using xDDD Go XPS Dell ^__^

Toward the end of the episode, Takagi finally tells everybody about his eye disease. Obviously, the news shocked all of them, especially Sakuragi who has been under his guidance since the first episode. Takagi's methods works on her and I did complain how I find it a bit annoying that Sakuragi was still pretty indecisive when working in my previous post, but in the last few epis, she's shown great development and character growth. Thanks to Takagi, she's more alert, can memorize things (names,faces etc..) easily now and can decide what's best on her own. However, having heard that Takagi will leave after this case probably crushed her heart more so than anybody else's.

Does a character always have to leave the group in every season?

Back to the case, Akiko comes out with the plan to lure Kohata out. He has been frequenting a cafe which he uses to monitor or call someone he's dealing with. So the episode ends with them sitting at the cafe, waiting for Kohata to appear, which he did. However, it seems that the face illustration Akiko gives the police is different. Akiko or rather, her real name - Ueno Mariko, as revealed by Sakuragi may be planning something different from what she tells the police earlier.

The next episode is the finale...kinda curious what the ending will be.  ^^

Rating: 8.5/10

pic spam of my fav character lolz


seriously does he ever bath or change his clothes? coz he's always wearing the SAME EXACT thing all the time! but the purple hoodie looks cool though xDD


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